Dumpor: Instagram Anonymous Story Viewer and Alternatives

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Dumpor is a tool that allows users to anonymously view Instagram stories, profiles, and other content without leaving a trace.

Top 5 Instagram Story Viewer Tools for Anonymous Story Watching

Instagram stories are a popular feature of Instagram that allows users to keep up with friends and the latest happenings. However, for those who value privacy, it can be frustrating to know that users can see when you view their stories. Fortunately, there are anonymous Instagram story viewer tools that allow you to watch anyone's public stories without the user knowing. This article discusses the top 5 Instagram story viewer tools to consider.


  1. Storistalker lets users anonymously view stories, profiles, and posts in a web browser while also having Instagram monitoring capabilities. The tool lets users track specific Instagram users and see posts they like, changes to their accounts, comments they post, and more. Storistalker allows users to view deleted posts and stories but has short-term account monitoring plans that range from three to fifteen days.


  1. InstaStories is completely free to use and does not require users to register with the site or install the Instagram app. Users can anonymously see any stories, posts, and profiles they choose. The tool also allows users to download any stories or posts they see, but it does not allow users to see content from private accounts.


  1. Dumpor is a web tool that enables users to view public Instagram accounts, including their followers, accounts they follow, and posts in which they are tagged. With Dumpor, you can download posts and stories, allowing you to view them even after their stories disappear in 24 hours. However, this tool does not work for private accounts.


How to Get More Anonymous Instagram Activity Data

While the top five Instagram story viewer tools are handy to have, users may also want to know more about an Instagram user besides their stories. For either personal or professional reasons, users might want to know what posts a user has been liking, what accounts the user has been interacting with most, who the user has recently followed, and more.


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