Air disinfection Aerosol Chamber operating flowchart

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Aerosol Chamber

Product name: Air disinfection aerosol

I. Preparation of test bacterial suspension

Fresh bevel culture from the 3rd to 7th generation of Staphylococcus chromatis cultured at 36 ℃±1 ℃ for 18 h~24 h was washed with TPS. Dilute the nutrient broth medium to the desired concentration.

Two, operating procedures

1.1 Installation of UV air sterilizer to be tested: before the test starts. According to the installation instruction of ultraviolet air sterilizer under test, install the Aerosol Chamber, connect the power supply and confirm that the aerosol can work normally, and then close the door. Thereafter, all experimental operations and instrumentation are conducted outside the Aerosol Chamber by means of a window with a sealed oil jacket or a remote control. Do not open the door until the test is over.

1.2 Setting of experimental environmental conditions: Open the temperature and humidity regulating device, and adjust the temperature and relative humidity of two Aerosol Chamber to the experimental requirement. Temperature (20 ℃ ~ 5 ℃) and relative humidity (50% ~ 70%).

1.3 Aerosol spray bacteria contamination: Aerosol Chamber in control group and experimental group, respectively. Set pressure and gas flow according to different aerosol sprayers. And time to spray bacteria. While spraying bacteria, stir with a fan (churn). After spraying the bacteria, continue to stir for 5 minutes and rest for 5 minutes.

1.4 Sampling before disinfection: 5min after the spray is finished. The Aerosol Chamber in control group and experimental group was sampled before disinfection. As a positive control before the start of the experiment and before the disinfection of the experimental group (i.e. the amount of bacteria). The number of each positive control bacteria in air in Aerosol Chamber should reach 5X 104 ℃FU/m ~ 5X105 ℃FU/m(The number of positive control group should not be less than 5x 105 ℃FU/m at the next time of disinfection test *).

Aerosol Chamber