Best Clay Tile Roofing Service in Singapore

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Among roofing materials, clay roof tiles are perhaps revered the most. It is also considered the most durable. In the Mediterranean region, it is in use for thousands of years and is still used to build houses. It is popular not only in Latin America but also in the south-western USA. There are several roofing options available now. But there are two major options - clay and concrete roofing tiles. These are two different roofing types that can add unique look to your home in their respective ways. If you are looking for Clay tiles roofing services, you should contact the best Clay tiles roofing Singapore services.

What do you mean by Clay Tiles Roofing?

Clay roof tiles are made up of baking molded clay. The density of these roof tiles is determined by the time and temperature at which the tiles are heated. Roof tiles come in a variety of colors such as white, yellow, orange, and even brown. However, the most common clay tile color is terracotta. It is important to note that clay roof tiles are sometimes called Spanish tile roofs.

Characteristics of Clay Roof Tiles 

  • Clay tiles have reduced water absorption rate.
  • Clay tiles are lighter than concrete tiles and clay tiles weigh around 600-650 lbs.
  • Clay tiles have greater risk of cracking and shattering when opened at freezing or melting temperatures.
  • It needs limited maintenance.
  • Clay is naturally available and retains its original color for many years.
  • Clay tiles have a longer service life and can last up to 100 years.

Advantages of Clay Roof Tiles

While alternative roofing materials expand and contract to a greater extent, the clay tiles help maintain roof integrity and withstand both extreme hot and cold weather conditions.

  • Free from cracks or defects
  • Size and shape must be exact
  • They should have a uniform texture.
  • They have high durability.
  • The water absorption stays less than 15%.

Types of Clay roof Tiles

Each of these types is made from the same materials but differs in function and assembly method. Mission-style tiles are similar to Spanish-style tiles, but rather than the Spanish-style "S" look, Mission Barrel tiles are rounded and have overlapping covers and pans. Both tiles require eaves caps to keep out moisture. The Mediterranean Spanish tiles are made in an 'S' shape with an interlocking unique cover and left pan. Both styles require eaves caps and vents to prevent moisture from penetrating through the roof.


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