Midnight Midnight

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However, if the parasite is killed by a person, the spore will immediately end the symbiotic relationship and transfer directionally to the person who killed the parasite. This is the secret of the so-called "power killer's evolution". Ikekoike remembers that the main sys

Li Yu-ting leaned against the window and strained his eyes. The road was less crowded, and Wu Chih-sheng and Fan Po-wen, flanked by Chang Su-su, were gesticulating eastward. There was a question lingering in his mind for some time: "What are these three going to do on the North Sichuan Road?" Although he did not catch Chang Su-su's last words, he could see her air, and he knew her temperament and her thoughts. This is the inevitable division of this age, isn't it? He thought sullenly and felt his heart grow heavy. Finally, shaking his head as if he had laid everything aside, he looked down at the street and left the Big Sanyuan Restaurant. He's heading west. At the door of the Huaan Building, he looked at the watch on his wrist. It was already half past ten. He went in and took the elevator to the fifth floor. He took out his business card in the corridor, wrote a few words, and handed it to a waiter. After a long time, the white attendant came and led him into an exquisite guest room with two suites and bathrooms, one inside and one outside, facing the racecourse. The door to the bathroom was ajar, and a fragrant steam filled the ensuite. The thick glass plates of Li Yu-ting's nearsighted glasses were immediately clouded over, and he could not see clearly. He thought he saw a white, hairy figure flash before him and run into the bedroom on the right; as it passed, it wafted a sharp fragrance and a gurgling smile. Li Yu-ting stretched out his hand to wipe his spectacles and looked at them again. Sitting in front of him on the sofa was Chao Po-tao, dressed in a brown beige flannel bathrobe. He was buried across the sofa like a gold ingot, his face turned sideways, and his legs were propped up on the arms of the sofa, exposing the coarse black hair of his legs. Needless to say, he had just finished bathing. Chao Po-tao did not stand up, but nodded casually at Li Yu-ting, then extended his right hand slightly,shuttle rack system, and turned to the door of the bedroom. "Yuying!"! -Come out! Meet this Mr. Lee. He is nearsighted, and he must not have seen it clearly just now. -Well, don't dress up, just come out like that! Li Yu-ting gaped in amazement, unable to understand the effect of Chao Po-tao's action. But the woman with a strange fragrance had already come out with a smile and a curl of her waist. A large snow-white towel was draped over her body, like a monk's cassock, and she came leaping with her chest raised, her unusually high breasts dancing in the felt. He had a small round face, and his bright red lips seemed to smile even when he was angry. Chao Po-tao smiled faintly and glanced sharply at Li Yu-ting, then reached out his hand and pinched the woman's plump bottom. "Aw.." The woman shouted coquettishly. Chao Po-tao burst out laughing, then pushed at the woman's lower half of her body, telling her to turn in a graceful circle, then gave her a strong push and said like a command: "Enough!"! Go! Dress up-close the door! Chao Po-tao then turned to Li Yu-ting, warehouse storage racks ,wire mesh decking, as if he had made a show of his precious jewels and then hid them. 'What's The matter? Yu-ting! Look in the mirror, you're blushing! Ha-ha, you are so rare and strange! People say that my surname is Zhao and I love to play. Yes, I like this tone. I want to do things quickly. I don't want people to guess and treat me as a monster with many secrets. When you came in just now, I saw a woman here. Your eyes are not good, and you don't understand. You are guessing there in your heart. I know. Now do you see clearly? Maybe you know her, don't you think? What about the skin and physique of Western women? Chao Po-tao shook himself and stood up. He took a cigar from his tobacco case and held it in his mouth. Then he pushed the case in front of Li Yu-ting and made a gesture to say, "Please stop." Then he buried himself in the sofa, raised his legs, and slowly struck a match and lit the cigar. His attitude was as if he had nothing on his mind and was just enjoying a happy life there. Li Yu-ting did not smoke, but he put his hand on the edge of the cigarette case and touched it gently and mechanically for a moment, wondering how he could avoid humiliating Wu Sun-fu's mission without offending Chao Po-tao. He waited for Chao Po-tao to speak first. He felt that it was better not to assume the position of "special envoy for negotiation" first, and not to make himself an obvious "Wu faction". Chao Po-tao, however, just smoked and said nothing, and his eyes did not glance at Li Yu-ting. When about five minutes had passed, Li Yu-ting could stand it no longer and decided to make a few tentative remarks: "Bo-weng, did you see Sun-fu yesterday?" Chao Po-tao shook his head and took his cigar from his lips as if he wanted to speak. But as soon as he reached out his hand, he flicked the ash away and repeated it into his mouth. Sun-fu's home town had suffered a great deal from the bandits, and he was in a bad mood. On some matters, he was almost impatient. For example, he had a dispute with Bo-weng over the account of the bond settlement and Chu Yin-chiu's mortgage. Li Yu-ting shuffled over the word "yes" and carefully observed Chao Po-tao's expression. He was going to say, "It's a trivial matter to begin with," but at the last moment he felt it was inappropriate, so he decided to change it to, "There are always ways to compromise," but in the middle of this, Chao Po-tao interrupted him. Oh, oh, was it those two things that made Sun-fu so unhappy? Ah, easy! "But, Yu-ting, have you come to talk to me today with Wu Sun-fu's terms, or have you come to sound me out?" Li Yu-ting was a little embarrassed by such a "free hand" approach, and he had indeed brought the offer with him and had the task of finding out what he had to say, but since Chao Po-tao had broken it at once, it was a dilemma. Moreover, as he was between the two big parties, for his own interests, he finally rounded up both sides. Then he smiled and answered quickly: No-yes. Bo-weng and Sun-fu are old friends, and if they have anything to say, they can talk to each other. Why should I be caught in the middle? "Yes!"! So, Yu-ting,asrs warehouse, you must have come to sound me out! All right, I'll be honest with you. I like to do things briskly. Chao Po-tao interrupted Li Yu-ting again, his eyes shining straight into his face. Bo-weng's briskness could not have been better. 。 jracking.com