Eleventh Finger _ Qin Ming

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There was no obvious damage to the internal organs of the corpse, but the decay was very serious, so it was impossible to judge whether there was blood stasis or congestion, and the nails of the deceased had fallen off, so there was no sign of mechanical asphyxia at all. More than three hours had passed since the dissection, and the afternoon sun was shining overhead, and the stench that had not abated made people dizzy. We began to work together. I was responsible for examining the stomach contents of the deceased to determine the time of death of the deceased, while Dabao and forensic doctor Jiang began to look for evidence to support the cause of death of the deceased. The brain tissue is liquefied. Wait till I get it out. Forensic Jiang, while carefully pulling the thick pulpy brain tissue to the skull, said, "Temporal petrous bleeding, ha ha, this is a basis for mechanical asphyxia." "I seem to have found some basis." Dabao said, "From the remaining half of the face of the deceased, I seem to have found some dark areas, probably near the mouth and nose, the mouth and nose of the deceased should have been covered and pressed." You! Can you say facial skin, not facial skin for short? Lin Tao looked disgusted, "How can I face my favorite fried dough in the future?" "I'll take two teeth and see if there are any rose teeth." Dabao seems to ignore Lin Tao's existence. "Rose Tooth" is a romantic expression of the phenomenon of "tooth bleeding" in the signs of asphyxia in forensic medicine. Textbooks believe that teeth that suffocate to death will appear rosy on the surface of the neck of the tooth, and the color will be more obvious after alcohol immersion. At the same time,stainless steel tile edging, the textbook also shows that the rose tooth has certain value in identifying whether the decayed corpse has suffocation, but it is not an absolute indication. In our practical work, we do find that many bodies of suffocation death will appear the phenomenon of rose teeth, but occasionally some bodies of non-suffocation death will also appear rose teeth. As for the formation mechanism of rosette teeth, there is no mature literature report. At this stage, some forensic experts believe that there is no direct relationship between rose teeth and asphyxia. So this indication, like its name,aluminium tile trim profiles, is full of mystery. But as a front-line forensic doctor, we must check all the signs that can be checked, whether this sign is a decisive factor or just a reference factor for our analysis and judgment. Dabao took out a pair of bone forceps and put on a posture to prepare for tooth extraction. Standing on the other side of the body, I slowly arranged the gastrointestinal tract of the body and cut it with a scalpel along the texture of one side of the stomach wall. The contents of the stomach and intestines slowly appeared before our eyes. The time of death can be determined. I said. As soon as my voice fell, with a crisp sound of metal collision, Dabao froze in place. What's the matter? I asked. That, "Dabao swallowed and said," clip. The clip slipped. Teeth. The tooth flew out. "The teeth are flying?" I said, "look for it." Although 24 teeth in the mouth of the corpse can be used as the basis for our judgment, we will not take or lose any tissue of the corpse at will unless it is necessary for the examination. This may be an unwritten rule and a sign of respect for the deceased by the forensic doctor. Soon, we found the tooth flying out on the ground. Under the sunshine, the neck of the tooth showed a faint red color. With so much evidence, I think we can conclude that the cause of death of the deceased was mechanical asphyxia caused by covering the mouth and nasal cavity. Forensic Jiang said contentedly. The time of death is also clear. I said, "The rice grains in the stomach are still formed, tile trim manufacturers ,tile trim factory, the stomach is full, the main stomach contents are rice, fungus, egg flowers and tomatoes, mainly rice.". Food has just entered the duodenum, so it can be judged that the deceased died about two hours after the last meal. "Please." Lin Tao began to retch. "Stop saying the word rice, okay?" "The deceased Bao Guangmin, male, 11 years old, is a fifth grade student of Yanggong No.1 Primary School." The first meeting of the task force, first by the host investigators to introduce the preliminary investigation, "the deceased is an only child, his parents in the night market lobster business, rented a house in the county.". On August 9, five days ago, at 1:30 p.m., the deceased slipped out of the back door of the rental house while his parents were washing lobsters, and his whereabouts were unknown. "Slip away?" I asked. "Yes," the investigator nodded and said, "it was Sunday, and the deceased was supposed to do his homework at home. The deceased's parents were very strict with the deceased's study, so we speculate that the deceased sneaked out to play. On the afternoon of the 9th, the deceased never came back. The parents of the deceased waited until the lobster stall closed, arrived home at one o'clock in the night on the 10th, and found that the deceased had not returned home, so they began to search all over the county, but did not find it until the next morning. The police of the police station also searched near his home, but did not find it. "Did he talk to anyone on the phone before he slipped out?" Lin Tao asked. No. All the phone bills have been read, and there is no suspicious phenomenon. The meeting was quiet, everyone was looking at me, and I knew it was time for me to introduce the forensic examination. I cleared my throat and said, "The deceased died of mechanical asphyxia. He should have been suffocated by pressing his mouth and nose.". The victim died about two hours after the last meal. The main stomach contents are rice, agaric, egg flower and tomato. The investigator nodded: "This is completely consistent with our investigation.". The deceased had lunch at noon on the 9th, which was rice, scrambled eggs with fungus and scrambled eggs with tomatoes. "In this case, we can conclude that the deceased died around 2 noon on the 9th." I said, "In addition, we believe that the motive for the killing in this case is indecency, at least part of the motive is indecency.". Because there were clear signs of damage to the victim's body. After saying this, the meeting hall began to be noisy, and everyone was bowing their heads and whispering. Gao Biao, head of the special task force and deputy director of the Yanggong County Public Security Bureau in charge of criminal investigation, said: "Is there a problem with the direction of our investigation?"? We have been working around a suspect now. "There is a suspect?" It's one of my favorite things to hear, and I said,metal trim manufacturers, "I said, maybe it's just one of the motives, and it can't be ruled out that the killer has a grudge against the family of the deceased.". What is the status of this suspect? 。 jecatrims.com