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After the monster was hit by the knife,ceramic igniter electrodes, his body twisted wildly. I couldn't hold it any longer and was thrown out of the water. But with the last lesson, my hand clung to the canning knife. The barb of the knife was stuck in his body. As soon as it moved fo

Chapter 256 of the main text. Chapter 256 Jedi counterattack. Watching Ma Chun leave the backyard in a threatening manner, Lin Dong glanced at the floor full of wolves, and then looked at the stone table that had collapsed into a pile of waste stones. He felt a little helpless in his heart and forgot to tell Ma Chun to find someone to make another stone table. I'm afraid I have to squat for lunch today. After exhaling, Lin Dong could not help looking at Yun Lan, who was standing quietly beside him, and said with a smile, "Well, was the momentum enough just now?" "It's OK, but you can't control it yourself, let alone use it to fight the enemy." Yun Lan said lightly, "Besides, when you get into trouble, you lose your mind. When you fight with others, a slight deviation is a worry for your life.". Again, indomitable courage is good, but regardless of the consequences, is not a bit too much? "I can't help it. I'm really driven to the Jedi." Lin Dong said helplessly. Yun Lan gently nodded, was forced to the Jedi, can be indomitable and decisive, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. That what.. Practice my new understanding of the air again? Lin Dong said with a smile, "Now I have fully understood the imperial realm. I don't need my hands. As long as I have enough Reiki, I can control all the people or things around me at the same time, and I don't consume much spiritual power." Yun Lan nodded gently. Lin Dong was overjoyed and opened his arms in an instant. Moved by his mind, a surging force surged toward Yunlan. Choke. Blue light flash, in front of Yunlan body fast shuttle, unexpectedly can not see not touch the energy such as cutting melons and vegetables, Lin Dong released the spiritual power instantly cut into countless sections. Then it shot out at Lin Dong's throat. Lin Dong was shocked, and on the ground, a fist-sized stone suddenly bounced up and intercepted the tip of the blue sword. At the same time, Lin Dong stepped back and waved desperately to stop: "Wait.." Poof At the moment when the stone touched the blue sword,ceramic bobbin heater, it turned into countless pieces of gravel, only a slight stagnation, and the blue sword resumed its momentum like a rainbow until it stopped at Lin Dong's throat. Lin Dong carefully pushed aside the blue sword and said with a wry smile, "I think I'd better go to the kitchen to cook." Yun Lan could not bear to be handsome, waving his hand, the blue sword shot back into his palm, and then disappeared. Cheap did not take, almost suffered a meal, helpless, Lin Dong had to turn around and rush to the kitchen. After lunch and practicing with Yunlan in the yard for a while, Ma Chun trotted back with a piece of paper full of small characters in his hand. Shopkeeper, the personnel list is already available. Taking over the list, Lin Dong was slightly surprised: "So soon?" Ma Chun smiled and explained, "The captain of the city gate guard in the east of the city likes to inquire about things in the court, so he spent two pots of thyme to sort them out." Lin Dong was dumb and waved his hand. "Go and get ready. Post the notice tomorrow. I'll give you the first message later." Ma Chun nodded heavily. As soon as he turned around, ceramic sandblasting nozzles ,Alumina Ceramic C795, Lin Dong's voice came again: "Take time to find two guys to clean up the yard and change the stone table." "Line" Ma Chun nodded and walked quickly out of the backyard. Chao Yunlan shook the list in his hand. Lin Dong laughed and said, "That's all for today." Yun Lan nodded slowly. Back in the room, Lin Dong immediately began to fabricate the news of the business association. Depending on the development of the situation, the business association will not be able to end in a short time. GanWei emperor even if there is any after hand, should not be three or two days in one fell swoop will be full of civil and military to the total veto, but slowly slowly divide them. Therefore, the fabricated news of business associations should not only be more, but also attract talents. If you want to attract everyone's attention at one stroke, this first news will undoubtedly be a blockbuster. Then you can slowly and gradually, half a tepid day to leak a few small news to hang people. The first message.. Lin Dong took out his pen, ink, paper and inkstone, touched his chin, and thought about it. Want the first news to become a blockbuster, the best way, must be diametrically opposed to Fenglin Restaurant, so as to receive a miraculous effect, plus the business association news has a major breakthrough, the combination of two swords, will be a blockbuster. The news of Fenglin Restaurant is now all around the president of the Control yuan, on the contrary, it is tantamount to overthrowing the Control yuan. There is a major breakthrough in the news of the business association, and it is entirely possible to show the results of its own inference. With the general, the rest is specific. Lin Dong's eyes swept over the list, and finally decided to find an imperial censor. The official rank of the imperial censor is not high, which is conducive to extending the fabricated news of the business association slowly, and can also increase the credibility of wωwQQìsuu bookcom. After all, the court officials were all in favor of the establishment of the Control yuan, so they would not go back on their word. As for the effect, just let Emperor Ganwei nod his head. Lin Dong's eyes kept moving in the list of imperial censors, and for a moment, they were fixed on the name of one of them, Liang Qingyang. In my memory, this Liang Qingyang was famous for his eloquence, and it seemed that he had sued a certain prince for conniving at the killing of evil slaves. With his reputation, if he came out to refute the useless words of the Control yuan, the authenticity could be enhanced a lot. The candidate has been decided, and the next step is content. Can not be too hasty, otherwise it is like a child's play, and can not be delayed for a few months. Can not be too slow, otherwise, others must also think that Liang Qingyang can not turn up any spray, not necessarily the next day will be cut off. After careful calculation for nearly half an hour, the brush in Lin Dong's hand finally fell on the white paper. Then he wrote quickly and finished the draft in less than a quarter of an hour. After revising for a moment and confirming that there was no problem, Lin Dong breathed a sigh of relief, stretched himself, and got up to open the door to find Ma Chun to discuss and perfect the details. The next day, Lin Ji Inn issued another notice to increase the seating fees for the boxes on the second and third floors. At the same time, after several months of hard work,cordierite c520, the inn finally got in touch with a senior official of the imperial court. With the help of a high-level spirit bird, the latest news of the commercial association could be sent to the inn within half a day. In less than a quarter of an hour, a message was added to the inquiry board of Lin Ji Inn.