Forty thousand years of cultivation

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After the monster was hit by the knife,ceramic igniter electrodes, his body twisted wildly. I couldn't hold it any longer and was thrown out of the water. But with the last lesson, my hand clung to the canning knife. The barb of the knife was stuck in his body. As soon as it moved fo

Strategist wails, "Feng Shuai, you know, once the enemy sneaks into the starship and launches a cabin and a corridor, it's not easy to win just by the number of people and strength!"! These madmen, like lighted rats, scurried around the interior of the Blood Rain, with a commando team of seven or eight men, who had almost reached the bridge just now! "Under their interference, we can't carry out starship separation operations at all, let alone repair the hull and power system of the Blood Rain!" "Feng Shuai!"! The only way is to let the other three starships all come back to intercept the other two new starships! "The tonnage of these two starships is not large, nor is it the main warship of the big sect, it should not be difficult to deal with!" One day! I have calculated that as long as I get one day, I can completely kill the Bighorn Armor Division! "One day.." The wind and rain heavy complexion is withered and yellow, the cold way, "can you guarantee that in one day, will not appear the second batch to cultivate the true person's reinforcements?" Strategist stammer: "This-" Wind and rain heavy cold way: "The big horn armor division's distress signal has been sent out for several days, now that the first batch of reinforcements has appeared, the second batch, the third batch is also coming in a steady stream, and who knows which direction they will appear from the iron original star field?" "I ask you, if at all costs, are you sure that within three hours, you can remove all the big horned armors that have sneaked into the Bloody Rain?" Strategist is stupefied, after burying one's head to calculate a moment,7g Ozone Generator, arrive: "3 hours?"? At all costs, even regardless of serious internal damage, there is a 50% chance! "Fifty percent." The stormy face was uncertain, and after a moment, as if he had gouged out a piece of flesh from his heart, his face was ferocious, and he said, "Give up the Blood Rain, you and all the key people,ceramic bobbin element, according to the No.4 plan, retreat to their respective second mothership, and at the same time get ready, once all the key people are evacuated, detonate the Blood Rain!" "What!" Strategist stunned, also want to say what, has been directly cut off the communication by the wind and rain. Wind and rain heavy toward the direction of Li Yao's disappearance, a very gloomy look, lips trembled, but did not even say a word, once again turned into a streamer, disappeared between the meteorites. Chapter 542 tigers return to the mountains. A bloody and dark month has finally passed. In this month, the whole flying star world is like a waterfall from a wide, quiet and gentle river, which is involved in the Rapids of narrow, winding, turbulent and covered with reefs. Assassinations, conspiracies, Ceramic Band Heater ,Ceramic Bobbin, traps and explosions, more than half of the realm of cultivation, are all involved in drastic changes. In the deep sea of stars, the unfathomable power of the star thieves, and even the immortals and the Palace of Eternal Youth hidden behind the star thieves, also make the practitioners who have not suffered a blow secretly frightened. Most of the time this month, the performance of the practitioners is not good enough, exposing the biggest weakness of the practitioners. Scattered in the sea of stars, relying on the starship and the starry battlefield, the distance between each other is too far, transportation lines and supply lines are too long, between countless star fields and debris worlds, a fragile route, like a fat lamb, a jackal dormant in the dark, can choose the weakest point to attack at will. Even in the face of the vast stars and millions of kilometers of supply lines, the old monster of yuan Ying can only be exhausted and roar in vain. At the end of the month, when the six sects of the holy city, including countless strong and super-class forces, were in disgrace, there was a brilliant result from the Tieyuan star field in the corner of Xinghai. Big Horn Armor Division, Eagle Yang faction and Liuhua faction, the three second-rate forces in the flying star world, fought an incredible battle with incomparably crazy courage! Originally, they were three starships. Suffered from the wind and rain prison star pirate group prepared ambush, should be the situation of total annihilation. But the final result was that the stormy prison star pirates paid the price of two starships. Even the flagship Blood Rain was left behind! Although he still failed to catch the heavy wind and rain, he was able to force him to ignore the flagship, which can be called cutting off one of his arms! The whole spider nest star was silent, while the practitioners and the ordinary residents of the flying star world cheered in front of the result of the battle. The cloud of terror that had hung over his head for a month was swept away! Of course, to achieve such a result. The price paid is also extremely tragic. Not to mention the four hundred armored divisions that launched the daredevil charge, only two or three out of ten survived. The rest of the people all go to Xinghai. That is to say, the final self-explosion of the Blood Rain also dragged the Golden Horn into the whirlpool of destruction, and the two starships were torn to pieces almost at the same time! The Yingyang Sect and the Liuhua Sect also have their respective headquarters at the mountain gate. It's just a heavy blow. The Bighorn Armor Division, with the exception of Commander Lei Dalu, who took the lead in the fierce battle, was the first to be seriously wounded, and did not break into the Bloody Rain, so it was lucky to escape; only Staff Officer Bai Kaixin led a group of non-combat personnel, as well as the seriously wounded who could not move, left in the starships of the Eagle Yang faction and the Liuhua faction, barely surviving. After this battle, only a group of old, weak, sick and disabled people were left in the Bighorn Armor Division. Even the mothership has been blown up, from the total annihilation, only the last half breath. And at a higher level in the realm of cultivation. But there is another name closely related to the Bighorn Armor Division, which is secretly circulating at the speed of light. It is said that this man was originally just an ordinary repairman in the Bighorn Armor Division. It is said that this man shines brilliantly on Kongshan Lunjian, and is likely to become the blackest dark horse after Huangfu 11 in the past. However, at the moment when he was about to reach the peak, he was hijacked by the Star Robber. Allegedly. This man is not just an alchemist so simple, that is, he single-handedly, relying on his own strength, disturb the whole war situation, so that the golden elixir strong wind and rain heavy,Ozone generator ceramic plate, fall short of success, suffer heavy losses, painful bone marrow! It is said that it was this man who let Huangfu Xiaoya pass on the precious news and let Xiuzhen know the existence of the Palace of Eternal Youth.