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Of course, not everyone can transform. The Devil Battle Group paid a heavy price. Now the second and third battle groups are lucky. After all, the whole process is under the control of Li Feng.

Ye Tao was ecstatic when he heard this, but then he calmed down. According to his understanding of the system, it was certainly not such a simple thing. He asked lightly, "What is the probability of this artifact?" "One in a hundred million." Cher said weakly. Shit, I knew it was like this, one in a hundred million, his m is harder than winning the lottery. Ye Tao cursed again and again, and then said with an expressionless face, "What can the most rubbish come out?" "As small as a paper towel and a big white rabbit milk candy." Cher said cautiously. How interesting Ye Tao dumbfounded shook his head, also did not pay attention to Cher, the idea of a click on the treasure chest, the treasure chest suddenly changed, appeared a silver sports car model. The latest and fastest chapter, please visit the [Qishu. Net] Reading is a kind of enjoyment. I suggest you collect it. Copy of Chapter 91 of the main text [Qi · Shu · Wang] Updated: 2012-2-23 16:39:00 Number of words in this chapter: 4664 Ye Tao's heart jumped slightly, and his eyes showed an incredible surprise, "Bugatti Weihang." For Bugatti Weihang, Ye Tao naturally played in the host's home, not only Bugatti Weihang, but also all the famous cars in the world. He played almost all of them, and the most expensive price of these cars in space is 1.88 million energy points, not to mention the gold sports car worth 2.85 billion yuan. As for the Bugatti Weihang, Hermes Special Edition, which he saw, it was worth 430,000 yuan (including taxes and freight), and 860,000 yuan in the system,whirlpool hot tub, so Ye Tao was naturally reluctant to buy it. Besides, he bought how to explain the source, did not expect this time actually opened out in the treasure chest. Ye Tao giggled twice, then suddenly froze for a moment and asked hurriedly, "Cher, isn't this a model?" Cher grinned. "At least not this time." Ye Tao breathed a sigh of relief when he heard this, and then his mind moved, and the smooth curve of Bugatti Weihang fell out of thin air in the spacious square. Ye Tao was too lazy to pay attention to the audience who shouted like a madman. He sat and ran, started directly, released the handbrake,outdoor whirlpool, stepped on the accelerator to the bottom, and the roar burst out. The car soared to more than 1 OO in two blinks. And the car is getting faster and faster, Ye Tao began to do all kinds of difficult and elegant movements in the square, with his advanced driving skills and repair, playing sports cars, it is really a relaxed thing, the only uncomfortable thing is that the head is too low, to do half of the fun. After playing for a while, the system's prompt sounded, "Three seconds later, the game will be opened, the host is ready, 3.." 2……” When Ye Tao heard this, he hurriedly turned the sports car to the host space, otherwise he would have been distressed for a long time. As for his True Qi, when he was smashed into pieces of meat and recovered, he was already as good as before. When the sound of the system sounded "o", Ye Tao felt that the degree of the boulder falling was directly in accordance with the five-level time, 4 person jacuzzi ,hot tub spa manufacturers, but by this time, he could not think too much, his body was dancing in a hurry, and the boulder was like Luo Yu, falling crazily to the ground. But five minutes passed. Ye Tao was smashed to the ground, gasping for breath, the boulder fell, and then he danced. With the passage of time, the longer Ye Tao can support.. But just a one-time support over 10 kinds of degrees in the second increase in a grade, into the sixth level. Looking at the degree of rockfall that increased by one point again, Ye Tao wanted to cry without tears. In order to reduce the inhuman torture, he exploded his whole body's True Qi. In all kinds of noisy venues, he drew a residual shadow and moved crazily. But even so, he only persisted for three seconds and was severely smashed to the ground. With the exhaustion of True Qi again and again, at the moment of getting up, Ye Tao's basic attributes are also increasing slowly, and from time to time there are dull prompts in his ears. Host strength plus one, agility plus one, constitution plus one and mental strength plus one. "Host Strength plus one, Agility plus one, Constitution plus one, Mental Strength plus one.". ” "One for host strength, one for agility, one for constitution, and one for mental strength." …… And in the extreme oppression of Ye Tao, has completely ignored these prompts, there is only that concentration, there is only that constant crazy movement. I don't know how long it's been. A warm air suddenly appeared in his Dantian, and immediately flowed to the whole body, up to the head, down to the feet, through the whole body, the starting point of the Chong pulse "cell", without accident, the difficulty can be ignored. The main reason is that Ye Tao has been talking about the meridians for a long time, otherwise some pain is unavoidable, and his cultivation is also officially to the eighth floor the day after tomorrow. As long as all the Chong meridians are connected with other meridians, the cultivation will naturally be the acquired nine layers. The early stage of the ninth layer of the day after tomorrow is mainly a process of warming and strengthening the tenacity of the bones and meridians of the whole body and condensing the True Qi. Only these all reach a peak. Then he is far away from the innate state, just short of the diaphragm of the Ren and Du Meridians. As long as he breaks through these two layers of diaphragm in one breath, he can open the bridge between heaven and earth. The True Qi in the body can always communicate with the spirit of heaven and earth, and transform into the innate True Qi. It is very simple to say, but there are countless masters, blocked to the congenital outside, because these need not only a lot of material support and qualifications, there are two important factors, that is, the state of mind and life and death. But now, Ye Tao is not short of these. After Ye Tao's breakthrough, just after two minutes of breathing, the boundless boulder suddenly fell, provoking Ye Tao to open his mouth and curse, "Damn, don't let me stabilize it.." But the body did not dare to stop, dancing crazily, while Cher grinned, "Master, you don't have to be stable, as long as the life and death are constantly honed, the system will automatically provide you with energy according to the best plan." Ye Tao at the moment also did not pay attention to Cher's words,hot tub wholesale, his spiritual consciousness, all scattered into the sky falling boulders, and the surrounding crazy audience's roar.