Shushan Shushan

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Of course, not everyone can transform. The Devil Battle Group paid a heavy price. Now the second and third battle groups are lucky. After all, the whole process is under the control of Li Feng.

My four flying swords are all above the eighth rank. It's too ostentatious to release them suddenly. Therefore also does not use any magic weapon, directly uses the Qingcheng to refine the gas formula to repair the air bending skill, leisurely slowly floats. I am now waiting to practice the Xuanyin Sutra to the twenty-sixth floor, and then go to specialize in the Qingcheng mental method. You know, after I got through the disaster, one of the additional abilities of yuan Ying is that every time yuan Ying upgrades, it will upgrade the mental method of Qingcheng. It is not to raise the upper limit of the mental method, but to directly add eight layers of power to my current Qingcheng mental method. Therefore, I am not in a hurry to practice the Qingcheng mental method. When I have enough conditions to equip Tiandu Minghe Double Sword, Qingcheng Sword Jue, and Qi Refining Jue, I'm sure they won't hold me back. Huanglong City in the south of Huanglong Island, with a slightly larger area, is the headquarters of the Huanglong Knights. The whole city has been nibbled away by the Knights of the Yellow Dragon, but other players can also go in and out. The Yellow Dragon Gang only charges an entry fee of fifty coppers. Although this is unreasonable, no player is willing to resist. Just like UnionPay charges casually, there is no need to pay any attention to the opposition of users, because the whole of China, who can get up and go to court,endless pool swim spa, is also a pitiful person at present. After decades of education, the blood of the Chinese people has been ground into air-dried bacon by the system! En, said these sarcastic remarks, I also like the people I don't like, obediently paid fifty coppers to enter the city. People are all the same asshole. After a leisurely stroll, I found that Huanglong City is far less beautiful than the big cities built by those ancient cities as samples, but it has its own characteristics. The artists of Shushan are famous for their fine perversion,endless pool factory, and the whole Huanglong City is built in a fabricated national style. Even the sale of special clothes on the street is exquisite and gorgeous. The Taoist robe I wear, compared with the special clothes here, looks like an old man who has been unearthed for hundreds of years. The magic weapon in Shushan is a combination of attack and defense, so in other games, the clothes and armor on the body are set as the main means to enhance defense, which is weakened to be negligible in Shushan. Although these clothes looked beautiful, I didn't have any leisure to buy them. I took a quick look and was about to go to the auction room to have a look. A commotion on the way caught my attention. Two groups of players, I do not know why they have not only quarreled, but also seem to be ready to start. Although the Knights of the Yellow Dragon occupied the city, they did not set up any patrols, guards and other activities. Everyone is playing games, who would like to have nothing to do in the street five or six people around, to maintain those security problems that do not exist ah. It's not good to kill a few monsters to upgrade if you have free time. Seeing a word of disagreement between the two sides, outdoor endless pool ,jacuzzi bath spa, in the case of someone first, the flying sword has been flying all over the street. I released a magic weapon of defense, happy to watch the excitement before someone from the Knights of the Yellow Dragon came to meddle. How interesting! These players are so bad, even if they go together, I'm sure I can kill them all. I was in the YY room when suddenly a 100% familiar figure appeared in another section of the street. Look at the burly figure, the cool black dress, the eye-catching purple and gold gourd. My God! Isn't that the old black dragon? With almost the most enthusiastic attitude, I plunged into a nearby shop and shouted, "Shop owner, take out all the clothes. This young master wants to buy one hundred and eighty pieces to pick up girls!" Shushan Volume 14 Fulong Chapter 13 Laolong Xiaoshuo txt Tiantang Chapter 14 The Seventh Ancient Bronze Vase The business of that shop was obviously very quiet. Hearing that I was a big loser, the player of the saleswoman and proprietress, with a disgusting and surprising attitude, came up and took out half of the national inventory and tried his best to sell it. This Are you a professional tailor player! How did you make so many things? When I asked with a slight suspicion, the girl with a fat face and a somewhat plump figure nodded affirmatively. He said helplessly, "When I played Shushan, I was forcibly brought in by my sister in the same dormitory. Unfortunately, I didn't like fighting and killing, so I opened a small shop and wanted to play games safely.". It's a pity that players like me in Shushan can't survive at all. Even tailoring skills have to blend with mental skills. Without a higher level, tailoring skills can't go up! "Hehe!"! This is the case in Shushan. I chatted in my mouth, but my eyes fluttered at random. I saw the old black dragon passing through the two gangs of fighting players, turning the end of the street and walking away. Finally, a big stone fell in my heart, knowing that the old black dragon did not see through my identity. But while chatting with this fat girl, I found that whether this girl is interesting and amiable has nothing to do with her appearance. The girl who specializes in tailoring is very eloquent. Even a bitch like me will be amused by her several times. En, although there are some shallow words, but if you feel that your level is too poor, I can take a day to help you practice! But then I'm going to Xuan Gui Dao. I can't take you for long! "Oh!"! Thank you very much, but in the game with people Lian Ji, should be a very troublesome thing, so, I send you a magic weapon that I hit myself, as a thank-you gift. It was agreed in advance. If you don't want it, I won't go. I, Sheffield, don't have the habit of being a little white! “ok! There's no problem! After taking Sheffield's magic weapon, I took a closer look, and a big sneeze came out. The attitude changed so much that Sheffield was startled. Gu! Bronze vase? My God.. Is it really a bronze bottle? When I gently opened the cork of the bronze bottle. Inside, a small golden arrow with brilliant golden light is dazzling my eyes. What's going on? I said first, don't dislike this thank-you gift! Although the sisters in the dormitory, they all say that my magic weapon is rubbish! But it can It's my hard work. And why can you open it? I've tried many ways but I haven't been able to open it! Rubbish! If this baby is garbage. All the treasures below the tenth rank in Shushan can be thrown into the Environmental Protection Bureau! But this thing is part of a piece of equipment, and it is useless for others to take it, but I have been looking for it for a long time. In this way,outdoor hot tub, I can't let you suffer losses, take you to Lian Ji to forty, and then send you a black dragon egg! 。