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Of course, not everyone can transform. The Devil Battle Group paid a heavy price. Now the second and third battle groups are lucky. After all, the whole process is under the control of Li Feng.

"Senior rest assured!"! I have promised Yao Bing to help the Yao people solve the crisis, no matter how difficult it is, I will do the same! He murmured, as if this sentence really traveled through time and space, so that the Yao guardians who had been dead for a long time heard it! Snow mountains are no longer sobbing, no longer drifting with goose feather snow, cloudless clear sky, sprinkling warm sunshine that makes people feel comfortable in this cold place. He did not do much to stay, quickly left, has found ten thousand years of snow Ganoderma lucidum, has also found the so-called Yao guardian of the remains, how to go back to tell, Buqingyun has an idea. All the way down, I can see the misty state at the foot of the mountain, but I don't know how long I've been running, as if I can't find my head. Whoo, whoo.. "Tear and pull.." There were two sounds that could cause an avalanche, one of which was familiar, the immortal soul of war, and the other seemed to be the roar of a wild animal. Standing on the shoulder of Bu Qingyun, Yan's eyes brightened and he began to wheeze. Jing Lin spirit beast is obviously very excited, completely without the previous sadness. Bu Qingyun smiled, nodded and said,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, "Don't get too close. Just wait here." With these words, he opened the magic power of the eye of heaven, and the huge stone blocking the line of sight in front of him was nothing, and he could clearly see the situation of the battle. I saw an immortal war soul towering black fog, back and forth, floating in the air, occasionally one or two sounds across the sky sounded. Another monster, the whole body is snow-white, and the snow into one,outdoor whirlpool tub, if not for the fist-sized eyes shining, it is difficult to distinguish. The two are fighting fiercely, the immortal war soul has some places to dim down, and the monster is also hanging on the body of the color, blood dyed white skin. This monster is like an ape, with only one horn on its head, glittering and translucent like jade. It carries its wings on its back and flutters between its fans. The wind is blowing everywhere. Its limbs are strong and powerful. At this time, it stands up like a human being and uses its natural attack method. Bu Qingyun did not act rashly, although this immortal war soul and before encountered is not a level, at most is the realm of the imperial air, but also not their own can deal with. And there is an imperial realm of the monster, if the two together, has been defeated. Everything, or sit back and wait for the opportunity. Although Yan and Jing Ling are bloodthirsty, they both enjoy reaping the benefits, and they both feel the strength of each other. Rumble.. Huge pits appeared in the snow, jacuzzi swim spa ,jacuzzi suppliers, stirring up a heavy snowflake, floating in the air, like a colorful snow. Tear and pull.. Immortal war soul holding a dark weapon, suddenly suddenly hit out. Not to be outdone, the ape monster raised his hands like a giant hammer and beat his chest, only to hear the dull sound of banging, whimpering, and suddenly smashed away. Step by step through the eyes of the sky to see very carefully, although both are imperial level, speed is also very fast, but he can capture very clearly, even some details can be seen. There is a big difference between seeing clearly and reacting, just like when fighting with the old man of the Liu family after the gathering of wind and cloud, although they can see each other's movements clearly, they can't react, and the speed still falls behind the other side. This is a bit in the face of absolute strength, all skills are powerless and have no effect at all. Bang.. A deafening sound resounded ahead, and the battle between the immortal war soul and the ape monster had entered the daytime stage, and it was about to be decided. And just at this time, has been lurking step Qingyun and two guys, resolutely shot! The sobbing halberd appears, the experience value of the immortal war soul can not be wasted; and the monster crystal of the ape monster is just for the little guy to take, upgrade to the middle of the growth period is in front of you! Chapter 201 half-year gift package. "Ow!" "Tear!" The ape monster and the immortal war soul were frightened by the sudden one man and two beasts, and they did not expect that there was a yellow sparrow behind them! . Just when they were about to react, it was too late. Roar! With a roar to the sky, the Jinglin spirit beast jumped high, and the wolf's hooves suddenly stepped down, taking the head of the ape monster as big as a millstone. The two jade-like tentacles are gathering the spirit of heaven and earth in all directions. This attack is the most powerful one at present. Even Bu Qingyun, who knows the middle period of Tibet, dare not take it. You can imagine how powerful it is. The sobbing halberd also overflowed the rainbow light for the first time, and went away to the immortal war soul. With the upgrade to the treasure level, the weeping halberd has been able to absorb the immortal soul of war without using the disabled weapon of Xuanyuan Lao Zu as a medium. Crash.. "Tear!" The immortal war soul seemed to scream, and the next moment it was swept up, swallowed up by the rainbow light, and the black gas collapsed. Whoo.. The ape monster also screamed, and in an instant it was trampled on by the wolf's hooves and flew out directly, its snow-white fur stained with blood, and its head sunken in. At the same time, the strongest blow of the fire suddenly flew out, like a fireball, leaving a string of practice, even in this strange snow mountain, can feel that kind of heat wave! The ape monster had no time to stop, the chest suddenly hit, the army was defeated like a mountain, and the body as tall as a house fell to the ground. Before it and the immortal war soul have consumed a lot of power, moreover, in the case of a sneak attack. To die so quickly. Wheezy! With a cry of excitement, Yan Chi turned into a flash of fire and rushed down. His claws reached out and directly took the monster crystal out of the huge head. Its eyes light up and it gobbles it up. A thump.. "Congratulations to player's Precious Beasts for gaining one hundred experience points; Fire Beasts experience points: 100501." Before the little guy had swallowed the herbs received by the daily landing gift pack, and now with the 100 points of experience, it's just right to upgrade! Bu Qingyun was also excited, and after a moment of confirmation in his mind,garden jacuzzi tub, his whole body was shrouded in a layer of golden fog, and his body slowly expanded. Until in the end, it was the same size as the Jinglin Spirit Beast. Puffy puffy.. 。