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Do you think I should answer it or not! Does she have no idea whether the disabled hand can beat me? "Answer it!"! I can't bear to see her so arrogant! In a shabby rented room, the lovely baby tried to pout: "Obviously I am much better than her, I don't know w

The next moment, Lin Dong appeared in front of Tianpeng Bird, and the Ruyi stool in his hand turned into a huge shield again. With a bang, Lin Dong flew out and hit the cliff hard. As in the case of coming down, the canopy bird took advantage of the moment of pause to stagger and spread its wings, and then went up rapidly. On the stone pavilion, Yunlan shellfish teeth clenched, but did not even have time to take a look at Lin Dong, urging Tianpeng birds to flee rapidly. She understood that if all stay, or she jumped down, even with her understanding of the spirit array, people can not leave smoothly, the only way is to let Lin Dong resist the first wave of offensive, she will go back in the shortest possible time to bring reinforcements. Volume I Chapter 520 Waiting for Rescue Charging section (12 o'clock) Chapter five hundred and twenty waiting for rescue "Kill him." Seeing the Tianpeng bird fly away, Chi Yufeng gnashed his teeth and waved his big hand. Behind him, several elders moved together. Lin Dong wiped the blood on the corners of his mouth, and before the elders of Jin Shizong got close, his figure flashed and he came to a Bush in the corner. In the middle of the Bush, a small gray tree less than one meter high looked inconspicuous in the surrounding bushes, and there was no energy overflowing from it. But Lin Dong can be sure that this little tree is undoubtedly the dream tree. The reason is not difficult to imagine, since the cloud sky did not destroy or take away the dream tree, nature is still at the end of the valley, and look at the whole end, there is only a Bush. There is only one small tree in this Bush. The Ruyi stool agglutinated again in the palm of the hand, and then turned into a big knife, the blade, pointing directly at the dream tree. This action, at one go, also made several elders of Jin Shizong hesitate to move forward and look at Chi Yufeng behind them. If anyone dares to come here, I will destroy this dream tree, and no one will be able to get it. Lin Dong snorted coldly. Destroy the tree? This move has already been used. Chi Yufeng said coldly, "If the tree is destroyed, cut off his limbs, gouge out his eyes, and keep him alive for twenty years.". If the tree is not destroyed,Walking measuring wheel, spare his life. Several Jin Shizong elders made a gesture to attack. Lin Dong stunned, originally he thought that the cloud sky relied on the identity of the peak strong, did not use this move, did not expect that people do not eat this set. That's tough Chi Yu Feng ruthless, Lin Dong is not a vegetarian, suddenly reached out to grab the trunk of the dream tree, suddenly pulled. Sniff. In the eyes of countless eyes, the dream tree was pulled up, above, scattered hanging more than a dozen immature fruits, began to wither rapidly. Kill, kill, kill.. Chi Yufeng felt that his chest was blocked by a huge stone, which made him breathless and so angry that he was ready to explode. He did not expect that the other side would be so cruel. This pull, the fruit is gone, the enemy knot, even if there is cheap is also the children of future generations. If the tree is dead, it is a waste of work. Chi Yufeng was so angry that his seven orifices were filled with smoke, tape measure clip ,Wheel tape measure, and he could not imagine that, except for his disciples or disciples, almost all the strong people who had reached the peak of the realm of no desire could frighten him, but they could not frighten a young man. This is Meng Hui Shu, the ninth order auxiliary cultivation of spiritual material Meng Hui Shu At that moment, Chi Yufeng is really crazy, originally still want to frighten Lin Dong, let him throw rats and avoid weapons, now, he threw caution to the wind, say what also have to kill Lin Dong. No matter how strong Tianjian Zong is, no matter what kind of future trouble it will bring to Jin Shizong, he has made up his mind to kill Lin Dong. The four elders who were ordered to come forward must be more sober than Chi Yufeng. After all, they are only elders, and this time they are likely to lose all their money. Although they are distressed, they are not as painful as Chi Yufeng. After Qi Qi jumped out, the palm wind pushed out, but did not kill him. In a flash, Lin Dong avoided the four men and came to the corner of the valley. The right palm, in his sneering eyes, gently grasped the root of a branch. Come forward and try again. The four elders suddenly stopped their momentum, and one by one, they could not help looking back at the wind in the pool again. Kill "" Chi Yufeng brazenly roared, he has been regardless, potential to put Lin Dong bone ash. The four elders kept silent. Although Chi Yufeng was in Jin Shizong, Meng Huishu had too much to do with it. This time, not only the four of them, but also the other elders, all moved their eyes to a young man of about thirty behind Chi Yufeng. This time, most of Jin Shizong's troops came out together. All the elders were responsible for besieging Yuncangqiong and Baiyuhu, while the elite disciples were responsible for defending in the array. There was only one exception, and that was the young man. The young man, named Liu Cangju, is the next suzerain of Jin Shizong and the pride of Chi Yufeng. In Jin Shizong, his position was even higher than most of the elders. The reason is that with his talent, he is likely to become the third strongest player in the history of Jin Shizong. It is precisely because of this, Chi Yufeng saw the dream tree was pulled up, the fruit began to wither rapidly, will be so angry that even the dream tree does not care. With the fruit of the dream tree, the possibility of Liu Cangju becoming the third peak in the history of Jin Shizong will be greatly increased. And Chi Yufeng, as the master of the third peak strong man, can also leave a strong mark in the historical records of Jin Shizong. Although it is also a great achievement to get the dream tree, it is much worse than cultivating a peak strong man. That's why Chi Yufeng was so angry that he vowed to kill Lin Dong. Seeing that all the elders cast their eyes on him, Liu Cangju took a light step and said lightly, "My disciple is willing to cut him into pieces to dispel the hatred in Shifu's heart." "Remember, cut the body into pieces," Chi Yufeng shouted. A group of elders gnashed their teeth, and the elder could not help saying, "Cangju, the dream of Huiguo was destroyed to become a fact.". This man is ruthless and decisive. If he is too heavy, he will only force him to destroy the dream tree. We, Jin Shizong, have to pay such a high price that it will all go down the drain. What's more, the Tianjian Sect has an extraordinary strength, and even has a longer history than our Jinshi Sect. Their successor is also rumored to be a genius. In addition, he has a peak strong man in charge. If he is killed,Horse weight lbs, there will be endless trouble. "Destroy my dream. It's time to kill." Liu Cangju answered faintly and paced forward, his eyes cold, and the cold air approaching Lin Dong.