It is difficult for a virtuous wife to be born again

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Do you think I should answer it or not! Does she have no idea whether the disabled hand can beat me? "Answer it!"! I can't bear to see her so arrogant! In a shabby rented room, the lovely baby tried to pout: "Obviously I am much better than her, I don't know w

Finally, Ananda drove the girl to the outer room, sat on the bed wrapped in a quilt, stared at the lights in the room, listened to the north wind whistling outside and the faint sound of the golden iron horse in the wind, and raised his whole heart. In the second half of the night, Ananda didn't get much sleep. As soon as it was dawn, he put on his clothes and went out with a pair of black eyes. Ananda grabbed a boy and asked about the situation outside, but the boy himself was not clear and could not answer Ananda. Ananda thought about it and went to Chengshou Mansion. He Chengshou, like Chu Banning, went to the barracks last night when the police sounded, and Mrs. He was the only one in the Chengshou mansion. When Mrs. Ho heard that she had come, she came to see her in person. Seeing that Ananda looked dispirited, she thought for a moment and knew what the reason was. Princess don't worry, our big Chu is a good man, guarding the country people eyebrows are not moving, not those north Vietnamese barbarians can bully. The North Vietnamese barbarians dare to attack in the middle of the night. We are not easy to bully. We must ask them to stay. When Mrs. He said this, she was sonorous and forceful, and her eyebrows and eyes were firm and resolute. She was really a woman who was not inferior to men. Ananda was soon soothed by Mrs. Ho's restless heart. Mrs. Ho knew that Ananda had just married King Su and was still a bride, so they separated and remembered their own affairs, somewhat sighing. And Ananda had just come to Tongcheng, and had never seen the tragedy of the war, so naturally she would think about it, and could not help but leave her talking in the city guard,horse weight tape, which also made her feel at ease. Who would have thought that the servant had just served tea and heard the servant say that the daughter of Zhao Jiang's family had come to the door with a whip. Zhao Qihua is a girl who hates evil as much as she hates it. At this time, the North Vietnamese are attacking. She has been practicing martial arts since she was a child. At this time, she really wants to go to Chengtou to personally lead the troops to kill the enemy and defend the country. It was a pity that Miss Zhao's warm-blooded heroic ideas were dissuaded by her wet nurse. Zhao Qihua's wet nurse knew that whenever the North Vietnamese attacked her own girl and saw her father's hard work to meet the enemy, she always wanted to help him, but she couldn't persuade her, so she had no choice but to lead the disaster east to the city guard's wife. Chengshou's wife rolled her eyes indecently. Every time Zhao Qihua came, she was numb, but because she was the daughter of General Zhao, she had to be invited in. As soon as Zhao Qihua saw Ananda,Pi tape measure, he immediately asked, "Why are you here?" Ananda took a sip of hot tea. His face was still a little pale, but his mood had stabilized. Wen Yan said with a smile, "I don't know what's going on in the war outside. I'm a little uncertain, so I came to talk to Chu's sister." As soon as Zhao Qihua heard this, as if he had found a bosom friend, he jumped in front of Ananda and said, "Oh, do you also think the North Vietnamese are too hateful? Do you also want to drive those barbarians away?"? Ha ha, me too, but Dad said that defending the country is a man's business, and the daughter's family should stay at home with her husband and children. Dad is really, actually despise women, don't he know that there is no woman, where is the man? Right “……” Ananda would like to shout for Zhao Qihua, who is very in line with the declaration of modern people, Walking tape measure ,fish measuring tape, but she is now Princess Su, or not to participate in this topic. The city guard's wife coughed lightly. The girl always spoke without thinking, and inadvertently offended people without knowing it, so she would hate him. Like Princess Su, speaking is also a straight, but obviously much more skillful, know what to say and what not to say, poke the heart and liver pain is also helpless. Zhao Qihua's mind at this time has been sucked by the war in Chengtou, where there is a mind entangled with Ananda's identity or something. Although this girl is not clear, but is not a vindictive, a few days ago may be angry with Ananda because of King Su, but after a few days of precipitation, did not see King Su, the mood calmed down, facing Ananda also feel nothing. Now after listening to Ananda's words, according to his own understanding, he felt that Ananda was as concerned about the war outside as she was, and under the exultation, he could not help pulling Ananda to talk about his own ideas. Ananda bitter face, she is a small potato, do not want to go to Chengtou to kill people, that is a man's business, as long as she is a successful man behind the silent pay woman. After Zhao Qihua expressed his regret that he could not go to the battlefield because he was a daughter, he suddenly said to Ananda, "If you say I put on the clothes of a soldier and go to Chengtou to kill the enemy, will Dad agree?" Ananda is ashamed. This girl is really stupid and bold. Lady He finally stopped listening and said, "Miss Zhao, it's better for you to stay in peace as a girl who is not out of the cabinet. On the battlefield, swords have no eyes. I believe General Zhao also wants you to be safe." Zhao Qihua seemed to have some respect for Mrs. He. Seeing her tough attitude, he could only pout his mouth and touch the red whip on his waist to circle around the room, which made the guards outside the door worry about whether the young lady would whip them to practice the whip to vent their excess energy. Ananda sat for a while and saw that it was very tiring for Mrs. Ho to deal with an impulsive war maniac, so she took her leave. Mrs. He was given a headache by Zhao Qihua, and did not leave Ananda, so that she could be sent home safely. Ananda was restless all day, and did not see Chu Banning come back until it was dark, so you can imagine the intensity of the war. But let her comfort, did not hear any bad news, even on the street, in addition to the street a little less people, can also see the people in Tongcheng because of the habit, the war did not change their lives. In the evening, Chu Baning asked Muyuan to come back and tell Ananda that he would not come back. Ananda was a little disappointed, but when he heard Muyuan say that Wang Ye was all right, his face finally showed a smile after a day. Muyuan-er soon left, and before he left, Ananda asked Muyuan-er to take some refreshing snacks made by Mammy in the house. She was afraid that the war would be tight, and that Chu Banning, who was responsible, would be so busy that he would have no time to eat, and that he would have a bad stomach when he was hungry. The war lasted for more than ten days, and it was going to snow. The North Vietnamese seemed not to know that they were tired and cold, and they came to harass them every day. These days, the two armies have fought several times,Surveyors tape measure, and each has its own victory and defeat. That day, Ananda was sitting on the bed in a daze with two little foxes in her arms. It had just snowed lightly, and the weather was so cold that she could only dress like a panda and warm herself at home.