Ten years of beautiful clothes

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And expected that the other side would never guess that he had also practiced two Shura secret hands. This Shura Secret Hand is a unique skill that can see the peak of martial arts. It is unfathomable. It pays attention to the fact that from the enemy's defensive position,Stainless S

The sound urges the horse to speed up, like waving a silver whip. The wind blows the sand, and the knife cuts Pure Brightness. Want to drink lute immediately urge, ancient to fight a few people back. Will pull the carved bow like the full moon, look northwest, shoot the wolf. Have you lost the baptism of the flames of war and the smoke of gunpowder, and then become a tomb with thick powder and balsam? Only a day's ride away from the barracks, is the atmosphere of the banquet capital so depressed? Frustrated enough that someone can openly laugh at a country's generals, bored enough that someone can give up the barracks for months just for the beauty of a smile? The drumstick in my hand is like a sword. I raise my hand and fold it at the waist. I open and close it in a big way. The sleeves fan up and the skirt moves. The mallet is like a chase, urging people's lives. With a finger in my hand, I rise sharply. A woman subconsciously presses the sword on her waist, and her eyes are full of surprise. Man is born with blood, and there is blood. What I love is to arouse the blood that has been dormant for a long time. In this land of gentleness and wealth, the land of beautiful flowers and nephrite, I would like to be a thorn, not to prick this group of people with blood dripping, screaming and jumping. I turned around and stole a glance at Zhu Yan, her expression from surprise to surprise, from confusion to Pure Brightness, as if waking up from a dream, eyes gradually burning up, look solemn, momentum awe-inspiring, heart micro joy, this is really a general's style. Knock, knock The voice suddenly changed from heavy and solemn to a light and slow chase. Beauty like jade, sword like rainbow Blood-stained, tender, heartbroken, protect my Rouge The fragrance of heaven and the beauty of the country bid farewell to Jin Ge Hand Thread Embroidering Acacia Sending Qing Tieyi I bent down softly, and a bunch of hair fell on my shoulders. I watched the women's eyes move with me little by little, and the light in my eyes was throbbing and amazing. Eyes a little bit of flow, hands open orchids, across the temples, black hair red belt, the most lonely and the most passionate color, the contrast of a moment of heart. No matter when,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, heroes shed blood on the battlefield and protect their sweethearts are the most fascinating legends. Why can't you see it here? Isn't it strange? As soon as I threw my long sleeves, I looked back for thousands of years, like spring snow melting water, melting gently, spreading my eyebrows gently, and my eyes were hazy. On the one hand, I felt uneasy for love, and on the other hand, I was extremely shy when I was full of lovesickness. The red silk on the drumstick, like the eyes following in all directions, entangled with the hair and snow, lit the flame, and jumped freely in the snow. The rainbow is dancing on the snow, and I am spinning in the snow. The white gauze skirt swings open in the wind, the rosette on the skirt swings open like the waves, patting and patting, such as the sigh of the tsunami and the noise of the flowers. Knock, knock The sound of drums is fierce again, but it is not the first time that the strength is hard to break, Stainless Steel Square Pipe ,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, nor the second time that the love between children is long, but it is fast and slow, strong and soft, mutually complementary and mutually beneficial. In this way, not only is it not inferior, but we can see the elegance of softness in firmness and the power of firmness in softness. How can we cherish a hundred deaths and repay our country? Can't bear to sigh more speechless, blood and tears full of eyes. Horseshoe goes south and people look north. People look north and the grass is green and yellow and the dust is flying. I am willing to defend the territory and open up the frontier. Great Liao wants to give way to the four directions. Come to congratulate I danced faster and faster, and something flew out of my head too late to notice. The people around him were also blurred in the field of vision. I specially chose such a song, mainly to arouse the pride and duty of Zhu Yan as a soldier, with Zhu Yan guarding the western Liao barracks, will not make such a disaster. As for whether this will have an impact on the future frontier safety factor of Dachu, it is better to leave Xiao Yan to have a headache. At the end of the dance, I backed out and no one stopped me. Chapter 60 I went back to my room, ready to take off my makeup, and then I put my bun down, but someone knocked at the door. I got up and opened the door. Yonghe stood in the doorway and said, "Xiao Qi." Suddenly he stopped and his face turned red. I looked at her in surprise. I didn't molest her this time. She blushed and looked at herself. A few strands of hair hung in disorder on her shoulders, her skirt was a little loose, and most of her right shoulder was exposed. I suddenly realized that this was probably called "bleary eyes, half exposed shoulders". However, Comrade Yonghe, your determination is too poor. Come on in, I'm changing. I quickly straightened my clothes and thought with regret that I had never seen a woman with a nosebleed. Would you like to test it on Yonghe? Yonghe graciously gave a cry, and then as if remembering what he had promised, he hurriedly said, "I'd better stand outside and say it." I curled my lips. "Ji Meng's son was at the banquet, and the general was among them.". But, "Yonghe hesitated for a moment and looked at my expression." Mr. Ji Meng asked you to accompany him. " "What?" "Did the general agree?" I exclaimed? She knew I was a woman, but she wanted me to accompany Mr. Jimeng? Yonghe also looked a little ugly: "Ji Meng Childe said you sing very well, intentionally asked you to perform during the dinner, General she.." It's hard to say no. I snigger in my heart, Zhu Yan, Zhu Yan, I don't know if my painstaking efforts have gone down the drain on you. Forget it, or I can take this opportunity to escape, after all, the restaurant is more miscellaneous than the hotel. Thinking of this, I nodded and said, "I'll change my clothes." Now that you want to run away, you can't wear this dress again. I picked a set of emerald green clothes, not just the luxury of the group outfit, but it is fresh and refined, the best is that it is below the style of trousers, easy to move, twisted with large pleats of Heye edge, looks capable without losing charm. He washed off the lotus makeup on his forehead, combed two bags, wrapped them in green silk, wrapped them with twelve colored ropes, and hung them on his shoulders at both ends, looking like a pretty and lively little "boy". After thinking about it, I took out a silver bead chain from the table and tied it to my waist. I nodded to the mirror. I thought I could start. I didn't ask just now, but when I got there, I knew that the place where Jimeng had a banquet was in Jinju Building. Although I usually know that Jinju Building has developed to the Western Liao and North Vietnam through the business report sent by Zhijing, I didn't expect that such an important frontier city would be able to gain a foothold here. It seems that Sister Chun's ability is also three days away, and she should be impressed. Thinking of Qing Shu, he felt that he should also deal with the barracks as soon as possible and go back to the capital. If Chang Yuyang can't bear anything, I can deal with it. And I have to do something about the status of Qing Shu in the Chang family. If Qingshu is not my disciple, she is a puppet master in the Chang family,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, I naturally do not care, but since she is my disciple, how can she be so wronged. sxthsteel.com