Rouge robbery

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And expected that the other side would never guess that he had also practiced two Shura secret hands. This Shura Secret Hand is a unique skill that can see the peak of martial arts. It is unfathomable. It pays attention to the fact that from the enemy's defensive position,Stainless S

Shen Yu gave a sneer and said, "Why don't you dare to say it now? Do you still have to use your words to make these friends help me?" Ma Chong thought it was right. If Shen Yu wanted these people to help him, why should he spend more time and effort. Then he laughed in a ferocious voice and said, "I'll teach you that as soon as I kill Shen Yu, it will be your turn. None of you will survive." Shen Yu glanced at the others and saw a look of anger and horror on their faces. Then he said, "Brother Ma Chong, don't talk about gossip. Not only can you not let me go today, but I can't even let you go alive. So that your brother can take you to see Lord Fang Gongrong to cancel the case.". Second, for such a vicious person as you, living is not good for yourself, but harmful to the world. He shook off the scabbard with a buzz, and the three-foot sword in his hand gave off a dazzling light. Ma Chong threw the knife fiercely, and the heavy scabbard shot at Shen Yu with a shout. As soon as Shen Yu pushed it aside, Ma Chong's long knife had already split quickly. Just listen to the sound of clanging, in a twinkling of an eye, Ma Chong has cut seven or eight knives in a row, the offensive is unstoppable. All the people in the hall were surprised to see that Ma Chong was so brave and his swordsmanship was so good. Although they have prejudice against Shen Yu, but to such a victory or defeat of life and death, the enemy and our situation, naturally clear, do not want Shen Yu to lose. Shen Yuyun's sword was sealed very tightly, and Ma Chong's offensive was completely blocked. Now his situation is different from earlier, before he and Ma Chong fight, the people present to watch the battle, in addition to Fang Gongrong, there are the total name of the dart line. Therefore,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, he did not want to use his whole body to learn, lest others know his true ability, resulting in jealousy and misgivings. Those present to watch the battle at this moment were all his subordinates who were about to be under his control. He had to take this opportunity to establish his prestige and convince all of them. So after he sealed seven or eight knives, he suddenly made a move to "continue the wind", which not only pushed the enemy's knife back, but also pushed him forward. But when Ma Chong saw that the enemy's sword was slanting to deceive people, the blade of the sword could cut and stab at any time, and even the hilt of the sword could turn into a collision at any time. All of a sudden, he really couldn't find any way to break it. He had no choice but to do something. With a strange cry,304 Stainless Steel Wire, the pressure retreated. When they heard his strange cry, most of them were horrified by it, and dared to show extreme anger in the cry. No one could understand why Ma Chong was so angry. Even Shen Yu felt the same way. He couldn't help jumping a few steps away. He gazed at him and asked, "Why is Brother Ma so angry?" Ma Chong roared and said, "I've fought more than a hundred battles in my life. I've never been forced to retreat. This is the first time you've forced me to retreat." Shen Yu suddenly said, "So Brother Ma is filled with anger because of this. I think Brother Ma has never been defeated in his life, right?" "I haven't met my opponent yet," Ma Chong said proudly. "Did that ever include Mrs. Hsieh?" Asked Shen Yu. "Of course she's different," said Ma Chong. "Brother Ma is not only born brave," said Shen Yu, "but also unique in martial arts. If I can beat you, it's just a fluke. "Shut up," Ma Chong snapped. "You haven't won yet. What are you talking about?" "Brother," said Shen Yu, "I'm afraid Brother Ma has a violent disposition. If he is defeated, he will immediately turn around and commit suicide." Ma Chong scolded, "I will not fall, nor will I commit suicide if I talk about your bullshit." "That's good, Stainless Steel Welded Pipe ,304 stainless steel wire, please," said Shen Yu. He opened the door, and the seal was high and strict, which was quite different from the Shaolin Secret Great Mercy Swordsmanship that had been used before. Ma Chong gazed at him with an awe-inspiring heart. "This boy really has two skills," he said. "I can't underestimate him." As soon as he changed his mind, he had already haggled. With a loud roar, he grabbed the knife and stormed past. At that time, the two martial arts masters were killed together again, but they saw that Shen Yu's sword style was flat and far-reaching, with simplicity refuting complexity, both offensive and defensive. That Ma Chong is attacking more and defending less, in the hands of the long knife fine awn lightning, dazzling eyes, the momentum of the fierce, it is rare. He attacked seven or eight strokes in a row, Shen Yu not only was not shaken by his power, but step by step forward, Ma Chong is the edge of the attack while retreating. In the eyes of the connoisseur, he knew at a glance that Shen Yu was impeccable in both swordsmanship and skill. Therefore, although Ma Chong was attacking fiercely, he had to retreat every time the offensive failed. Shen Yu exerted all his strength and forced Ma Chong to retreat step by step. After about six or seven steps, he was in high spirits and his eyes flashed. Long in the hands with the sound of Qingxiao, suddenly the move changed greatly. But see his sword is like the wind, people like electricity, suddenly, all sides are flashing sword light, unexpectedly to Ma Chong attack. Xiang Xiangru couldn't help cheering loudly and said, "Good swordsmanship, the unique skill of the Shen family. It's really very imposing." Shen Yumeng can rise, but it suddenly rises and falls, creating light like a rainbow, breaking through the other side's knife circle. With a sharp roar, Ma Chong jumped out several feet, and the long knife in his hand fell to the ground. See the big man with a beard, shoulder and chest, has been stained with blood. Shen Yu flicked his sword with a smile and said, "Brother Ma, do you know what kind of swordsmanship I use?" Ma Chong slanted his eyebrows and said to himself in a murderous manner, "It seems that Shaolin Temple doesn't have such fierce swordsmanship." "Brother Ma," said Xiang Xiangru with a row of beards, "I think it's a little late for him to make his debut. He hasn't seen Shen Muling, the Dragon Slayer of the Seven Seas, yet. Master Shen is the only one who can use the sword in the universe." "Oh," said Ma Chong, "is this the dragon swordsmanship?" "I'm flattered," said Shen Yu. "Han's swordsmanship is not an amazing skill." Ma Chong nodded and said, "Since I was defeated by the dragon swordsmanship, which is said to be unique in words, it is not a great shame.". Brother Shen, if we still have the strength, we don't need a weapon. How about a few palms? Shen Yu immediately dropped the sword in his hand and said briskly, "OK, brother, let me learn a few more moves from Brother Ma." Although Ma Chong clearly heard Shen Yu mention the Xie family's Shura secret hand skills, he still didn't take it seriously, because it was not difficult to name such extraordinary skills, but it was not easy to know what was going on. And expected that the other side would never guess that he had also practiced two Shura secret hands. This Shura Secret Hand is a unique skill that can see the peak of martial arts. It is unfathomable. It pays attention to the fact that from the enemy's defensive position,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, such as light penetrating glass, the enemy has suddenly been killed, so it is called Shura Secret Hand.