I made my fortune by collecting garbage.

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Xue Ji Yang did not say anything, the next day quietly went, ready to give the brother a surprise. However, his surprise was not given,calcium nitrate sol, but Xie Ran gave him a surprise. In the weather of several degrees below zero, the other side took the first base leaflet and handed i

These questions were quickly raised, and also caused a response on the Internet, because a well-known environmentalist Luo Kai sent a micro-blog directly to Ye Qian, directly asked why his contribution value was so low? Ye Qian, who was busy talking about the major vegetable markets in Nanshi, suddenly received a message from 003, saying that someone asked her on the Internet and asked her to deal with it quickly. The contribution value ranking system is directly based on the individual's usual contribution to environmental protection and converted into scores according to complex algorithms. It has strong credibility. If the credibility of the list declines in the eyes of the public because of someone's smear, it will have a great impact on the garbage collection team. Ye Qian also realized the importance of the list. She quickly put down her work and spent some time investigating the man named Luo Kaiyi. Luo Kaiyi, 33 years old, has been engaged in the environmental protection industry for eight years. He has been active in various environmental protection activities. He is famous and peaceful in the circle. He has always shown off his love for environmental protection and has made contributions to the cause of environmental protection all his life. He is very famous on the Internet and has many fans. But after spending 30 points, Ye Qian asked 003 to investigate and found that this was his way of using environmental protection to circle money. He was not a person who loved environmental protection, but just used this opportunity to make profits. In response to Luo Kaiyi's question, Ye Qian answered it in detail. First of all, the contribution value list is a list of complex calculations based on personal contributions to environmental protection. The names that can appear in the list are all registered garbage collection APPs. Other environmentalists, if not registered, will not appear on it. Secondly, Bosheng has published many SCI articles with impact factors as high as five points and hundreds of citations. In his research, many plants are related to environmental protection. Now, he also carries out propaganda for garbage collection APP, so that more people know and understand environmental protection, so that more people participate in environmental protection activities,Magnesium Sulphate producer, his contribution value is indisputable. Thirdly, Mr. Luo Kaiyi, who has been engaged in environmental protection for eight years, has gained as much as 3 million yuan from it, but the promises he made on the public platform have not been fulfilled, but he has used the trust of the public to gain benefits from it. Advertisements have been posted on Weibo many times to gain benefits. In addition, the articles he published on environmental protection many times were bought, not written by himself. As soon as Ye Qian's micro-blog came out, it caused great repercussions, and people commented on it one after another. Ha ha ha, this is the biggest joke this year, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,dap diammonium phosphate, even said that Luo Kaiyi is cheating money? "If there's something wrong with the rankings, don't ask people to go into the water. It's disgusting to belittle others and elevate yourself." "Originally, because Bosheng Big Brother had a good impression on APP, from this Weibo, he immediately went back to uninstall APP!" "As a reminder, once you give up the chance to become a full member, it will be very difficult to join later. Please think twice." "Do you remember the gutter oil incident that made a lot of noise before?"? The person who goes deep into the enemy camp is Ye Qian, the founder of the garbage collection APP! "How is that possible?"! The authorities didn't say anything. If you want to show off, don't put other people's credit on yourself. "I believe in Bosheng Dada, so I believe in the garbage team." "No matter what Sister Qian says, I believe it!" "Don't take sides, but if you check some of the lists on the list, you will find that many people are really committed to environmental protection." "If this is true, why hasn't anyone exposed it for eight years?"? Wait until today to burst out? Didn't no one find out about the gutter oil incident for several years? Some people can always do bad things in a very subtle way. "After eight years of environmental protection, it is now suspected that it is used for profit. Luo Kaiyi is really pitiful." Is this a false accusation? If the forwarding reaches five hundred, you can sue. I support Luo Kai to sue. After Ye Qian and others became popular, she re-sent a long micro-blog with the information collected by 003, which contained all kinds of information about Luo Kaiyi's crime, on which many of his transactions were coded, and all kinds of transfer records were concealed and cautious. In contrast, various SCI papers of Bosheng are published with translations in both Chinese and English. This should be the world's fastest hit in the face of Weibo, Luo Kaiyi there did not think that Ye Qian really has evidence, until he reacted to come over, things have developed out of control. What the fuck It's true! "What kind of big brother is Ye Qian?"? Why is there such detailed information? Is this a violation of privacy? Put other people's privacy on the Internet. "Is this an investigation?"? Is it against the law? "Ha ha ha, so fast to hit the face, whitewash can not be so unified?"? Why don't you say that he took advantage of environmental protection to get so much money to destroy his public persona? "I just want to kneel down and say 666, awesome." "Work in the unit come out to say, this kind of information is not available if there is no certain relationship, so." Luo Kaiyi offended the wrong person. Will he regret it now? Got into trouble with Ye Qian. "Look carefully!"! Not only the money for advertising, but also the money for some environmental protection projects in the country, he also took it for himself! "Is this illegal?"? Is it embezzlement? "Absolutely forget it!"! Waiting to be arrested. "What's the matter with a little laugh?"? I suddenly remembered that many fugitives had been caught in a big immortal concert. Do they always believe that the safest place is the most dangerous place? Before sending Weibo, Ye Qian had already sent this information to 003 to use its magic power to the mailbox of the relevant departments. As long as they saw it, Luo Kaiyi could not escape the sanctions. Of course, Ye Qian did not expect to make such a big fuss on the Internet because of this matter. The things in the mailbox have not been seen yet, but they have been noticed because of the popularity on the Internet. Soon after, we found that the relevant departments sent a micro-blog,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, admitted the incident, and praised Ye Qian. At the beginning, people who had other ideas shivered and dared not talk nonsense. Ye Qian's garbage collection APP became famous. stargrace-magnesite.com