A good man in the city

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Xue Ji Yang did not say anything, the next day quietly went, ready to give the brother a surprise. However, his surprise was not given,calcium nitrate sol, but Xie Ran gave him a surprise. In the weather of several degrees below zero, the other side took the first base leaflet and handed i

Hou Yun also has to consider the matter, there is no one else in her family, all the things in a bag, so there is no need to go back specially, the money she earned from working is less than one third of the tuition fees, Yu Yan gave her tuition fees, Hou Yun looked at him firmly, "Brother Yan, I will work to earn money for you.". Yu Yan knew that she had a strong character. He nodded and said, "Then the money will be taken as an advance from Chuangli Century to pick up your salary, which will be deducted directly from your salary later.". Only then did Hou Yun happily agree. Yu Yan told Zeng Rou that she wanted to go back to Aoyama. Naturally, Zeng Rou was reluctant and wanted to go with her. Yu Yan managed to persuade her, but she leaned close to Yu Yan's ear and said, "Then I'll move to you." Yu Yan frowned and said, "If you want to move here and let your parents know, why don't you skin me?"? Besides, Xiao Yun and Zi Tong will come and take care of the house here. Ceng Rou blushed and snorted, "Do you think he won't skin you now? Do you know he's afraid? Why wasn't he afraid when he bullied me?"? I don't care. I'll move here. I'll call Xiao Yun and Sister Zitong and say I'll show you the house. What can they say? Yu Yan saw that the girl was determined, and could only shake her head with a wry smile. Zeng Rou put her head on his chest and said softly, "Ah Yan, sometimes I feel like I'm dreaming. Yesterday I was scolding you, but I didn't expect it to be a day." She rubbed her face against his chest and felt embarrassed to go on. Touching her hair,potassium sulphate fertilizer, Yu Yan said, "Fate is really strange. There are always all kinds of strange things that happen. It's impossible to guard against them. Many people will miss them because of this, and many people will meet because of this." Ceng Rou gently hammered on his leg and said, "You are obviously younger than me. Why do you speak like an old pedant? What fate is not fate? If you don't fight for it, how can you control it?" Yu Yan was stupefied, Ceng Rou said is reasonable, fate is their own grasp, that is,Magnesium Oxide price, because they can not see their own hearts, and there is a kind of escape idea in the inside, will fall into a strange circle and can not extricate themselves. Now when I think of No.9 and Zitong, it seems that I like both of them, but No.9 accounts for most of the proportion in my heart. It's normal for a man to like two or more girls at the same time, but only one can marry home. If only he could marry two, Yu Yan said to himself in his heart, and suddenly he was startled by his bold idea, but he was relieved to think about it. This is every man's dream. If you don't do it, can't you think about it? Ceng Rou can not know his flower intestines, is planning their own two people's bright future: "." When we go to see mom and dad, they like you so much, they must have no problem. Yu Yan then heard his words, think of Lao Zeng's bull's eyes, a sudden cold in the heart, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, Lao Zeng to know this matter, still have to take a machine gun directly to their own chug? But to think it's already happened. Escape is not the way, at least he is a man, when the time comes only to give up a fat. On this night, the two of them ate the marrow and knew the taste, and the dream of Mandarin was relived, and there was no end to the charming "color." It was just that when the "chaotic" God was floating out of the sky, he felt the male "sex" sign that he was still standing upright. His heart ached and itched, but he always felt that it was not perfect. Why couldn't he satisfy him? If you really want to find a concubine for him, then Yu Zitong is a good candidate. Bah. Bah. What are you thinking about? Amitabha, Buddha's blessing, an unintentional mistake. An unintentional mistake. When Yu Yan left the next morning, Zeng Rou was still sleeping soundly. Yu Yan looked at her little red face. There was a kind of warmth in her heart, and she kissed her forehead gently and went out. Did not let Yu Zitong send, like the first time to Tianjing, he set foot on the train to the west alone. And when it comes Relaxed mood is different, experienced so many things, his heart is heavy, pressed a lot of worries. Looking at Yu Yan who suddenly appeared in front of him, the leaf could hardly believe his eyes, and it took him a long time to shout "Brother" and jump down directly from the bamboo building. Yu Yan hurried forward to catch her and said with a smile, "You crazy girl." The leaf leaped up and down at him like a talkative tit. "How have you been these two months?" Yu Yan's loving model asked her with long braids. "Have you been making trouble everywhere?" The leaf giggled and said, "Where did I make a mess? Is there any place worth making a mess in Daqingshan?"? I just don't have a good time. I'm bored at home every day. Brother, why did you come back so late? The city also prepared a celebration banquet for you and said it would give you all the college tuition fees. Yu Yan patted her head and said with a smile, "Leaf, we have our own hands and feet. We can rely on ourselves to eat. We can't take other people's money." The leaf nodded and said with a gentle smile, "I knew you would say that, just like my sister, who knows things like God." Yu Yan's eyes floated that weak little Du classmate, said, since leaving school has not seen her, also almost did not think of her, at this time to listen to the leaves mentioned her name, unexpectedly a bit like a dream feeling. The state of mind has changed, and the way of looking at people has also changed. Du Wanruo is a weak and painful girl in Yu Yan's eyes. Brother, after you left, I was bored alone, so I called my sister Wanruo to live here for almost a month. The two of us are wandering in the mountains every day. If your sister always asks you when you will come back, she is always in a daze. I think she seems to be waiting for you to come back. The leaf took a sly look at Yu Yan and said. Why are you waiting for me? Yu Yan said with a smile, "Did you do something bad again that made Xiao Du angry?" "No, Guo, I think she seems to like you a little." The leaf language is not astonishing, Yu Yan just drank a mouthful of water choked in the stomach, coughed and said: "You are a child, what nonsense ah, you know what is like, really." Yu Yan is now sensitive to girls can not be more sensitive, hear a female word want to run away, the day is pitiful to see,calcium ammonium nitrate price, he can not have a trace of the idea of small Du. The leaf sighed and said, "It's a pity. I don't know when I can see my sister Wanruo again." Yu Yan glanced at her and said, "What happened to Du Wanruo?"? Have you moved away? 。 stargrace-magnesite.com