Marry a rich and powerful old man by Qianfeng Yihe

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Xue Ji Yang did not say anything, the next day quietly went, ready to give the brother a surprise. However, his surprise was not given,calcium nitrate sol, but Xie Ran gave him a surprise. In the weather of several degrees below zero, the other side took the first base leaflet and handed i

President Huo was stunned, and the whole person was like a little angel, staring in a strange way. Also, more than four months, the doctor said that the baby will have the phenomenon of fetal movement. Huo Yunchuan said, "Let me touch it.." Safe and sound obediently, let go of the hand. The baby in the belly is about an active baby, once it starts to move, it moves continuously for a long time. Huo Yunchuan was not only kicked by the baby, but also kicked in the face. Silly father has a happy face, guarding beside the little angel's belly, waiting for their little baby to move again. Not long ago, the old man set up a WeChat group with all the insiders. Safe and sound, I don't often play wechat, but people always like to circle him to talk. Well, it seems that everyone encourages him to speak more, which can be said to be very good for him. Safe and sound: ( "\ '\'") The baby will turn over in the belly ~ ~ ~ Exaggerated emojis are used to make one's speech look less serious. Of course, there is also a joy and excitement that can not be concealed! Huo Yunchuan appeared in seconds: I love you. Huo Yunchuan: @ All members. By the way,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, help the little angel circle everyone and share the joy. Mr. Huo: It's great to be so sick. Grandpa loves you, too. A few single childhood friends came out one after another to join in the fun: [laughing/] [laughing/] What lively children! That's great. However, looking back on the past few years, it is like a dream. They feel that Huo Yunchuan's life is really good now. Ji Mingjue: I will be born in a few months. I will be the godfather. Huo Dad: @ You have worked hard. Please tell the baby that he has a grandfather. Huo Ma: @ Shigeru, and grandma, grandma is here [silly smile/] Huo Yunchuan: His mobile phone has been confiscated by me. I can't play too much mobile phone for the time being. @ Grandpa, would you please control your desire to chat a little. Grandfather's small window was caught by him many times,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, the key is that the old man chatted endlessly. Mr. Huo:.. He felt that he must not be the only one wondering how he could take a fancy to a man like a teaching director like his grandson? Sure enough, because he was too young, he could only look at his face and figure. After the Beginning of Winter, the temperature began to drop rapidly. The daily activity of going to the park for a walk ended. It's not a pity to be safe and sound, because after the baby was five months old, his feet began to appear swollen, and he was very tired to walk. Now I have to soak my feet and pinch my feet every night, otherwise I may have cramps when I sleep at night. It is said that pregnancy cramps are due to calcium deficiency. But since she was pregnant, she has been taking calcium supplements without interruption. Night. Huo Yunchuan and the little angel's feet were soaked together in a special foot bath, and the other's feet stepped on his feet, which looked fat because of swelling. The toes with round heads and round brains look very cute. However, this idea is just a flash, Magnesium Oxide powder ,caustic calcined magnesite, Huo Yunchuan knows that the other party's pregnancy is a heavy burden on the body. He is also very distressed and takes care of him carefully every day without complaint. Now the children are stepping on his feet and having a good time. Huo Yunchuan also touched his unharmed feet and scratched each other's soles with his toes from below. "Well.." Safe and sound stare up. Huo Yunchuan said lightly: "You step on me first." Safe and sound: "…" This man is so childish. Huo Childish Big President, stretch out a foot to wipe clean, take out massage cream, pat oneself thigh: "Come up." Get used to it, put your feet on it and let the other person start massaging. Winter vacation is coming. The little boy lay down with his head on the sofa pillow. Huo Yunchuan clenched the fingers on his feet and moved his eyes to his bulging stomach. "Well, do you want to go home?" Safe and sound shook his head: "No return." "That's true," said Huo Yunchuan. "You can't go back even if you want to." Safe and sound, he was confused, as if he didn't quite understand what he had said wrong? If it's because of the problem of going home, then Mr. Huo is really sensitive. He said seriously, "I really don't want to go back. I want to spend the New Year with you." Huo Yunchuan's hand trembled a little, apparently unexpectedly, the little angel suddenly said earthy love words. Oh After a moment's silence, he bent over and kissed his unharmed lips. Directly and clearly, he pried open the teenager's teeth and drove straight in, turned around like a storm, and then backed out. Huo Yunchuan breathed lightly a few times, and his lips still had the sweet taste of youth, like orange soda in summer. Cattle.. Safe and sound to see the eyes wandering to and fro, pursed the lips of Yan Hong laughed and scolded a sentence. The man who was scolded looked calm and answered the picturesque young man in his arms: "Not yet." He bit his lip safely, sat up, reached out to Huo Yunchuan's crotch, and pressed hard a few times. Huo Yunchuan looked at him, and he also looked at Huo Yunchuan. Black and white eyes stare back. On this cold night, Huo Dashao could not find the north in the earthy love words of the little angel and the honey pot created. ~ Can be regarded as the winter vacation, little fat Xue Jiyang quickly packed things to go home. He enjoyed a night in his luxurious big room without being crowded out of breath. The next day, he immediately called his friends and asked them to eat, drink and play. Safe and sound received a phone call, opened his eyes and said nonsense: "Ah, we also have a holiday, well, do not go home, work near the school." Xue Jiyang: "***, working again, you are a working maniac..." He doesn't know what to say. What kind of work do you do in winter vacation? Is it not good to chase after girls? "Then forget it, I'll go surfing myself." But still asked: "Where do you work?" "Near XX Square," said Anwu. A bustling business district is very big, and there are few opportunities to meet. Xue Ji Yang did not say anything, the next day quietly went, ready to give the brother a surprise. However, his surprise was not given,calcium nitrate sol, but Xie Ran gave him a surprise. In the weather of several degrees below zero, the other side took the first base leaflet and handed it out in the cold wind. I don't have many clothes on my body, but it's the one I wear in autumn.