Wolong's hand robbery

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Bai Xuanzi's eyes were blurred, and he smiled at Emperor Guangxi. While stroking his body,heavy duty cantilever racks, he climbed up to his waist, like a beautiful snake sensing its prey. As soon as he opened his mouth, he sucked Emperor Guangxi's penis into his mouth and sucke

Lady Nangong snorted coldly. "I dare you," she said. The voice slightly stops, then way: "Unexpectedly, the person does not hurt the tiger heart, the tiger has hurt the human heart." Nangongwang had already learned about his life experience and knew that the old man was his enemy who killed his mother. But he knew that the old man was very good at martial arts. He was absolutely not an opponent. Because of his forbearance, he was very filial to his mother. Ren Wuxin thought to himself that this man's scheming was very deep. Nangong's wife answered, "Until his son Nangong Hsiao was born.." "Nangong filial piety?" Asked Ren Wuxin. "Yes," said Mrs. Nangong! That's the grandson of an old man. When the baby was born, Nangong Wangyan said, "I don't want this child to have unparalleled martial arts skills. I hope he will be filial to his grandmother, so I named him filial piety.". The old man was deceived by him. He actually believed it and became complacent. "What happened?" Asked Ren Wuxin. Lady Nangong laughed and said, "Humph!"! One day.. Nangongwang told the old man. He said that he would take his wife and children to travel to Beiyue and make a wish to prolong his life. Think of him as the old man who has watched him grow up. After decades together, the old man has already lost his guard. His wife was a disciple of the old man, and the love between master and disciple was greater than the love between husband and wife. With her, the old man had no doubt, and immediately agreed. "Is Nangongwang going to fly away with his wife.." said Ren Wuxin. "Humph!" Said Mrs. Nangong coldly! It's more than that He went out with his father and son. In the middle of the journey, they were suddenly besieged by more than ten masked masters. After a vicious fight, all the servants died. Nangongwang and his wife were seriously injured. The baby was affected by the power of the palm. His soul was already too empty, and his life was in danger. The voice paused and breathed a long sigh. Ren Wuxin said, "Is it true that someone has avenged the Snow Mountain Sect?" "Humph," said Lady Nangong! You don't understand. You'd better not open your mouth! Ren Wuxin smiled and said, "The old lady is right. I'm all ears." Lady Nangong snorted angrily and then said, "That was a trick arranged by Nangong Wang. This trick was so perfect that no one could see any flaw. Although it happened suddenly, it was inevitable that Nangong Ming would defeat the world's heroes, offend many people, and be retaliated against. For a while." How can the old man see the mystery? After a slight pause in his voice,teardrop pallet racking, he said, "His husband and wife were wounded and fled home. The old man was in a panic and was treated immediately.". Think that the baby is less than one year old, the injury is so heavy. Any medicine is unable to work, the old body has no choice but to fight to consume power, with its own internal force and True Qi. Treat the baby's wounds, and by the time the baby's life was saved, the old man had lost his strength and was weak. "Nanguanwang is going to take revenge," said Ren Wuxin. Lady Nangong shook her head and said, "He didn't do it right away, but he put a kind of colorless and tasteless poison in the tea. After the old man's vitality was greatly damaged, he was eager to take medicine to nourish himself. Because he sweated too much, his mouth was extremely thirsty. He swallowed a few pills in a hurry, took the tea and drank it. In this way, his strength was exhausted and he was poisoned. Seeing that Nangong Wang showed his ferocious face, metal racking systems ,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, he stabbed the old man in the chest with But there is no power to fight back. She seemed to be very excited, and at this point, with a sniff, she tore open her collar, revealing two sword wounds on her shriveled chest and on top of her breasts. Ren Wuxin couldn't watch. He turned away hurriedly and said, "What happened next?" "Humph!" Said Lady Nangong in a ferocious voice! If he killed the old man with a sword, The old man accepted his fate, but his wife could not stop him. The brute, who was obsessed with evil spirits, wanted to torture the old man carefully. He stabbed the old man with a sword and told his story, as if it were a great pleasure. His wife was brought up by an old man, and the relationship between master and apprentice was still there. At that time, she did not like it, so she came forward to stop it. They had a disagreement and started fighting. As soon as the old man saw that there was an opportunity to take advantage of it, he rushed into the secret room and put down the iron gate of ten thousand catties. Ren Wuxin started to speak and tried to insert his words, but suddenly stopped and listened in silence. Just listen to Nangong madam answer: "The secret door of this secret room, only old body-person knows." In a hurry.. Nangongwang tried his best, but he still couldn't get in. He wanted to be old. Will be able to temporarily suppress the poison in the body, restore the original power, then the host and guest change power, take his life is easy to reverse. Thinking of being discouraged, he immediately swept away the old man's secret book of martial arts, together with all kinds of elixirs, and escaped from the Nangong family. "What happened next?" Asked Ren Wuxin. Lady Nangong said grimly, "How is it?"? It's not as he expected. He was caught up by the old man, recaptured the secret book Dan pill, and took his life on the spot. Ren Wuxin said, "Although the second lady is your disciple, she has done her best. Isn't it too cruel for you to kill her husband?" Nangong's wife said coldly, "Nangong Wang wanted to put her to death. The love between husband and wife has been broken. Where is the old man's ruthless means?" "But what about the baby?" Asked Ren Wuxin? And Nangong Yi . Nangongshou, is it reasonable for you to murder them? Lady Nangong sighed slightly and said, "Nangong Xiao was brought up by my mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and married Chang Suyu. I had hoped that several generations of enmity would end here, but I didn't expect.." Speaking of which.. Suddenly his eyes closed and he was silent. "What did you expect?" Said Ren Wuxin coldly. Lady Nangong's face was suddenly filled with an evil spirit. Her eyes were wide open, and her murder was revealed. "Once he went out to work and was murdered. His whereabouts are unknown," she said in a harsh voice. "Joke!" Said Ren Wuxin angrily! Except for you, Cheng Yu-e Who murdered the descendants of Nangong Ming? Nangong lady face muscle a twitch, deceive the body to jump on, a stick hit the past! Ren Wuxin was shocked and angry, slanted back, and waved his palms. One move to reverse the chaos of Yin and Yang, counterattack the past. But listening to the sound of the split silk, Lady Nangong lifted her left hand and grabbed a piece of Ren Wuxin's clothes. She fought back and was too fast to distinguish. Ren Wuxin broke out in a cold sweat and jumped up to hide behind a coffin. "Cheng Yu-e,heavy duty rack manufacturers," he said with a sneer, "you raised his son and killed his father. You have been deeply resentful and bleeding for five generations. Let someone know what the real reason is." Lady Nangong looked ferocious, like a fierce ghost. "What do you think is the reason?" She said grimly. Step after the past. kingmoreracking.com