The Three Kingdoms look for a charming girl

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Bai Xuanzi's eyes were blurred, and he smiled at Emperor Guangxi. While stroking his body,heavy duty cantilever racks, he climbed up to his waist, like a beautiful snake sensing its prey. As soon as he opened his mouth, he sucked Emperor Guangxi's penis into his mouth and sucke

After the guests and hosts sat down, Shen Ying said excitedly, "Ziyu has come to Jianye. Why don't you send someone to inform him earlier so that I can send someone to meet him?" Zhuge Jin, whose courtesy name was Ziyu, said, "It's really a shame for the grass people that the general king is so affectionate.". This morning, I posted a worship note. General Yan, the bodyguard, went to the barracks. I didn't expect to come so soon. It really moved the grass people. "Why is Ziyu so polite?" Asked Shen Ying hurriedly. "You and I are friends of the same generation. Don't call yourself a grass citizen any more." Shen Ying is now just back from the barracks, after hearing the guard report, immediately came. Shen Ying did not see Zhuge Liang, although some disappointed, but the arrival of Zhuge Jin, still let him very happy. Are you the general king? He's pretty good-looking. He's more expressive than my second brother. He's really imposing! Zhuge Bing suddenly stood out and commented on Shen Ying. Xiao Bing, don't be presumptuous. The oldest saw this little girl, an adult's momentum, said it was logical, especially the language is unreasonable. General king in the world, but now there is only one, Zhuge Liang is a genius, is incomparable. Shen Ying looked at her curiously and praised her in his heart. Whose child is this? He is very clever. Shen Ying smiled and praised. Zhuge Jin said respectfully, "General Wang Wu is strange. This is my sister Zhuge Bing. Children are not sensible." When Zhuge Jin's words were over, Zhuge Bing shouted,metal racking systems, "Who is a child?"! Don't look down on others. Their knowledge is no worse than yours. Zhuge Bing finished, but also straightened his chest, that funny expression, can not help but let the crowd is a burst of laughter. Shen Ying at this time also had to look at the other side, thought to himself: "Zhuge family out, is really more powerful than one, really enough on the gold sign.". Shen Ying is sitting, the hall of women and no one dare to speak casually,industrial racking systems, in this era, women can have no status. Everyone understood Shen Ying's personality and did not evade it just now. Now Jiangdong, the status of women is also a general promotion, although Shen Ying did not use any compulsory methods, but as an example of the upper class, the following is naturally more imitation. Especially in the homes of civil and military officials in Jiangdong, this kind of atmosphere exists greatly. Sun Shangxiang and Sun Chen, two people silently sitting aside, Sun Shangxiang's eyes, also with a trace of inexplicable feelings. For Shen Ying, she did not know what kind of mentality to treat, although Shen Ying saved their lives, but also limited the freedom of their family. The Sun family used to be a vassal, but now it has become a general of others. Sun Shangxiang now also understand some truth, there is no absolute justice in this world, only absolute rights, pallet rack shelving ,automated warehouse systems, only you are strong enough to have the opportunity to dominate the world, this is the wisdom. Shen Ying saw that he had saved their family, was it not because it was profitable? Sun Shangxiang's present state of mind, already had a kind of distortion, had a kind of biased thinking question. Although Shen Ying was puzzled by Sun Shangxiang's eyes just now, he did not have time to understand and explore those. He must now raise his spirits to face the people of the Zhuge family, and he must show his attention in order to show his sincerity. It turned out to be a talented girl of the Zhuge family. I've heard so much about her. Shen Ying said with an open-minded smile. Zhuge Jin to Shen Ying's attitude, obviously feel strange, just want to stop, but in Zhuge Lan's signal, and did not make a sound. Zhuge Lan is to understand Shen Ying, for his character, is also very familiar. Zhuge Bing did not expect Shen Ying to cooperate so much, but felt that he was in the wrong, this is the first time she met. In the past, although people doted on her, when it came to the issue of men and women, they would not be courteous. Shen Ying naturally does not have this concept of women, although marrying more than one wife is not allowed in previous lives, but it does not mean that no one does not want to. Under Shen Ying's gaze, Zhuge Bing felt more and more uneasy, especially Shen Ying's burning eyes, which made her feel unable to compete. You all bully people, so I don't care about you. In order to escape Shen Ying's eyes, Zhuge Bing quibbled and immediately ran away. Shen Ying smiled in his heart and said, After all, he is still a child! After chatting with Zhuge Jin for a while, Shen Ying invited him to come to the parliament early tomorrow morning to meet with the civil and military officials in Jiangdong and get to know each other. Zhuge Jin wandering for half a lifetime, no one has been introduced to officialdom, coupled with its broad-minded, warm and honest. So he is still not an official, this time if not for Shen Ying's invitation, I am afraid he is still floating around. When Shen Ying saw that the matter had been settled, he got up and left. Xu's mother also knew that he was busy and did not dare to stay longer. "Won't Miss Sun go with us?" When Shen Ying went to the door, he saw that Sun Shangxiang did not want to go, so he asked on his own initiative. In fact, Shen Ying still has a lot of things to talk to her, after all, from Nanyang after the separation, to now has been in a hurry for two months. Sun Shangxiang originally did not want to, but did not want to brush Shen Ying's face, also shyly nodded. Zhuge Bing ran out and said, "Men and women are not close to each other. How can General Wang invite women to ride in the same car?" Shen Ying was stunned and speechless. Did not think of this wench, is really revenge! Shen Ying muttered in his heart. Zhuge Lan came to the rescue and said, "Xiao Bing can't talk nonsense. General, I have something to say to your sister Sun." Zhuge Bing made a clear expression, blinked at Shen Ying and ran away. Shen Ying let Sun Shangxiang two people go up, oneself also sat on the carriage. Go to Sangbo Lake (Note 1). Shen Ying said to the driver. Sun Shangxiang just wanted to refuse, after seeing Shen Ying's expression, he could not help lowering his head. We didn't speak all the way, and we didn't know what we were thinking. The general has arrived. The driver looks honest,push back racking system, but his real identity is a master in Shen Ying's guard camp. Shen Ying answered and stepped out of the carriage. Three people along the lake, slowly walked up, Sun Chen intentionally or unintentionally gradually fell behind.