Fairy Sword Villa

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In a flash, I saw the middle-aged scholar's long sword with cold light, and the flowers of the sword were scattered,Belt Filter Press, just like the stars in the night, falling at ten thousand points. Come here. The hidden weapons flying in the air suddenly reflected back. Although t

Zhuge Zhao hurriedly said, "It turns out that Sister Xiaoyan is here. She can be reckless. She has touched the immortal array a few times. She is really ashamed. Is the second young lady in the nunnery?" Xiaoyan, carrying Hua Lan, said with a smile, "She doesn't go out easily. How can she not be at home? I was ordered to take the Snow Lotus Fairy Treasure. Suddenly, I saw the formation started. I suspected that an outsider came here. I didn't want it to be you. Last time, I was negligent. Because I was in a hurry, I didn't explain the formation here and the secret signal of Taoist friends' visit. I almost missed the big event. Fortunately, Elder Martial Sister seemed to have known each other first and knew that Don't wait for me to send in the sound, then close the array, otherwise, although it's all right, it's a joke to invite people but stop them outside the door. "Please come with me," he said, pointing to his hand. Then he turned around and walked down the square. Zhuge Zhao followed him through the archway and turned to the side of the peak. He saw a small nunnery surrounded by a red wall in the middle of the old pines and cypresses. Because it was hidden among the pines and cypresses, he could never see it until he reached the front. The two of them walked to the front of the nunnery. Xiaoyan pushed the door with her hand, and the door opened. Inside the door was a small courtyard. There were three main halls in the middle, with a gap in the middle. They were divided into two dark and one bright. There was no shrine in the bright room. Only on the middle wall, there was an ink Guanyin statue hanging, like a white wooden table in front of it. There was a Longwen ancient tripod, a short harp, a big jade pan, and a few scriptures. Apart from the futon, there were only a few white wooden seats and a stone table made of bluestone. There was nothing else. Xiaoyan asked Zhuge Zhao to sit down beside the stone table. She put down the basket of flowers and said with a smile,rapid sand filters, "Please wait a moment." He went into the east room. There seemed to be a slight dispute in the room. Another woman spoke with an accent as if to say, "There is nothing in the emptiness of the Lingtai. Since there is no him, there is no you. If we don't meet each other, what hinders us? This is the note of the master's note. What does it have to do with Xiaoyan? What does it have to do with me? If you deliberately avoid it, you will be in love, and you will be possessed by the devil. What can you do with it? Since you have this What's the use of hiding alone to make a great liberation? Miss Tang said angrily, "So you're just going to stand by and do nothing?" Another woman said with a smile, "If you say right and wrong,Mechanical fine screen, you are right and wrong. Each has its own cause. I am also one of the people who are right and wrong. How can I ignore it? If I mean this, don't I also look at it?" "In that case," said Miss Tang, "I'll ask you to go out with me." Another woman said with a smile, "I don't lie. I've never shown my true face since I started. I can't make an exception now. In the future, you'll understand that I'm not you. It's useless for you to pester me." Miss Tang seemed to be in a fit of pique. "You don't have to be a wild fox," she spat, "as long as you don't stay out of it." As he spoke, he lifted the bamboo curtain in the east room and walked out. He was dressed in a white Taoist uniform, as he had done the last time we met. With a slightly sullen look on his face, he said with a smile, "Did you really come to our nunnery for the sake of a word from that girl?" "Of course," said Zhuge Zhao in fear, "it's to keep the promise, but it's really because I was disturbed in Guizhuang last time. Fortunately, I was out of danger. I've come to thank you." As he spoke, he couldn't help being puzzled. He said to himself, fine bubble diffuser ,Lamella Plate Settler, "It was you who wrote a letter asking me to come here, but how could you say such a thing? Didn't you write that piece of snow wave paper, and someone made fun of it?" Thinking about it, he couldn't help looking at Miss Tang a few more times. Miss Tang was even more unhappy and said angrily, "Are you really here for this?"? As I said the day before yesterday, in our village, Jing Fei is a Taoist friend. Since you are always in your heart, this is nothing, as long as you don't repay kindness with resentment. It's enough to feel the hospitality. The family teacher is not in the nunnery. Although they are both Taoists, men and women are different after all. Please go back to Xianfu after tea. Zhuge Zhao was even more frightened. He hurriedly leaned over and said, "Xiao Ke has received a great favor from my sister, so that I can avoid a great disaster. If I have a chance in the future, I will go through fire and water, and I must repay him. How can I repay him with resentment? Not only has Xiao Ke learned Taoism from his teacher, but he will never come here. He will not dare to do so before he enters the school. Since it is inconvenient, Xiao Ke will leave and meet again.". ” As she was about to get up, Miss Tang didn't know what she was thinking. Suddenly she turned to smile and said, "Wait a minute, Taoist friend. Please forgive me for taking the liberty. I still have a few words to explain that it's not too late to leave." Then she said with a smile, "Taoist friend is sincere and sincere. I know all about it. It's really not worth mentioning that I gave a small favor a few days ago, and I have no intention of repaying it. But at present, if I am in great trouble Can Daoyou really do his best for me regardless of everything? Said two eyes as clear as autumn water looked at Zhuge Zhao, waiting for a reply. Zhuge Zhao wanted to leave at once, but when he heard this, he stood still and said, "I have been rescued since Guizhuang was in danger, and I will not be insulted. If I am driven, as long as it is in line with the rules of heaven and human feelings, I will not hesitate to be crushed to pieces. If it is beyond reason." Beyond the rules, I will repay my kindness with one death, and I dare not say anything else. Then Zhuo Ran stood at the side of the case. Miss Tang could not help exulting in reply, "In that case, please sit down and talk about it in detail, Taoist friend. My teacher, Abbess Huiyin, should know something about the religious rules and regulations. I expect that I will never say anything beyond the rules under his old man's house now. But this is a very serious evil robbery, and Taoist friend is also related to it." Even if you promise to help, you still have to ask yourself whether you are competent? Otherwise When Miss Tang said this, she blushed and was too shy to go on. Seeing this, Zhuge Zhao was stupefied. Without hesitation, he said, "In terms of strength, I can ask myself if I'm not strong enough. I've been more confident since I learned Taoism. But I don't know what drives Sister En." Miss Tang hesitated for a moment and then said with a sigh, "You don't have to just listen to Sister En. It's so harsh that you want to be heard outside. When it comes to learning Taoism, although we are not from the same school, your teacher and your family teacher are too frequent. They are no different from one family. We have to share weal and woe in front of us. We can't be polite to each other. Why not call each other brother and sister? Isn't it kind and easy to call each other?" Zhuge Zhao hurriedly said, "Since I have been praised by Sister En, I will change my name to Elder Martial Sister. Elder Martial Sister.." Without waiting to finish, Miss Tang said with a coquettish smile, "I can't believe you. I just said you're not allowed to be polite. You're obviously a little older than me, but you still want to call me Elder Martial Sister. What's the reason for that?" Zhuge Zhao laughed and said, "I call you Elder Martial Sister because I respect you. Since Elder Martial Sister says she's younger than me,wall penstocks, I'll call you Younger Martial Sister in the future." Miss Tang said with a smile, "You can say that. Is there a distinction between the old and the young for the sake of respect?"? After calling a series of Elder Martial Sisters, I changed my name to Younger Martial Sister. What good is this to me? 。 khnwatertreatment.com