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Ancient evil dust is also a pale change in face, he stared at the female knight leader's chest a few eyes, then suddenly

In the dense forest, a ray of red light in the ear canal shines through the dense leaves on Guo Jia's calm face. The feather fan moves gently, and Guo Jia faces several flying army team leaders beside him. Rolling stone attack! Several flying army captains folded their fists, led the order away, went to their respective positions, and said to the flying army soldiers who operated the rolling stones. Immediately, huge rolling stones rolled down the slope of the hill, and the players who rushed ahead saw such a big stone rolling down the slope. They were scared out of their wits and shouted to turn around and run away. Shit! Tnnd, the ambush of these people is really professional. Where did they get so many stones like this? Get out, get out! One person is tall. The rolling stones, which were nearly round in shape, rolled down one hill after another. When the bomb 47 saw them, he stared round and cursed angrily. He immediately began to turn around and run for his life with the stream. Battlefield announcement: Guo Jia moves the rolling stone plan to succeed, the east returns, the iron blood, draws the sword, the bomb regiment advances is blocked! Even if the bomb 47 and others ran faster than the boulder rolling down the hill, the dozens of players at the back were caught up by the boulder and turned into white light with a slight bump, while the boulder only paused slightly and continued to roll down the slope. After hundreds of players died, the players of the East Return, Iron-blooded, Sword-drawing and Bomb Corps finally escaped from the attack range of the Rolling Stones. Stop After seeing everyone run away, Guo Jiayu waved his fan gently and ordered the rolling stone attack to stop. In the next more than ten minutes,Quillaja Saponin, draw a sword to ask the day and others, several times to hide in the dense forest to carry out the rolling stone Guo Jia corps to test, but were indifferent expression of Guo Jia one by one to resolve. Eight to help the allied forces to send less people, country by stone. Let the 14o Wudang Flying Army guarding the hills on both sides destroy these small players. Eight to help the coalition sent more people at one time, Guo Jia from time to time put a rolling stone down, these by Guo Jia to use the skills of the warlock, change the shape of the boulder, make it suitable to become a rolling stone boulder, huge lethality,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, immediately hit the group of hurricane city players rushed up, a burst of chicken flying dog jump. All of a sudden, the number of tens of thousands of peripheral eight help allied forces, was simply blocked by Guo Jia with 14o people when the flying army. Battlefield announcement: Wudang Flying Army is not an immortal, but an immortal regiment is destroyed! Wudang Flying Army Seven Stars! Fairy Corps Zero Stars! "Battlefield announcement: Wudang Flying Army breaks Muye Tornado, Muye Corps is destroyed!" Wudang Flying Army Seven Stars! Makino Corps Zero Stars! Just when the eight allied forces on the periphery were unable to advance, two battlefield announcements sounded one after another in the ear canal. After hearing the announcement of the battlefield, the leaders of the gangs, such as Sword Asking the Sky, Bomb 47, Heroes Returning to the East, Iron-blooded Heart and so on, changed their faces in an instant. More than ten thousand people, vast, overwhelming, dark, Lactoferrin Manufacturer ,Glucono Delta Lactone, they estimate that even if the situation is bad, the people inside the ear canal, at least can hold out for an hour or two. Unexpectedly, more than ten minutes later, more than ten thousand men in four regiments were cut in half. Without waiting to draw the sword and ask the sky and others to continue to be surprised, the announcement of the battlefield that the little demon lost his soul and was successively defeated by the flying army sounded, and the four regiments trapped in the ear canal were wiped out in a short period of more than ten minutes! "How is that possible?" Tiexue Danxin frowned and said in disbelief. Inside. But more than ten thousand people, ah, are the elite of each gang. The hero who returned to the east could not believe that he was looking at the red flame in his ear canal, and his eyes were red with the fire all over the sky. What do we do now? Should we continue to fight or retreat? Draw a sword to ask the day shook his head, his brother draw a sword to cut the wolf to run in the front of the draw a sword regiment, just carelessly also trapped in the ear canal, this is estimated to be ominous, draw a sword to ask the day at the moment feeling a little depressed and irritable way. Huh, you idiots, didn't you just hear the system prompt? We are ambushed by the player's first master, the Wudang Flying Army under the Wind, and listen to the tips, ambushed only this army. Bomb 47, with a sneer of disdain on his face, said to the others. Retreat? This time our hurricane city eight gangs put aside the past, the elite, the formation of the eight gang coalition, mighty and mighty. Now even the shadow of the enemy has not been seen, and half of the people have been lost. If you go back like this, you brainless people, think about your own fate. "But it's different to keep fighting!"! The name of the man, the shadow of the tree, the wind alone since a few months ago. After fighting hundreds of people in the Demon Prison Guild, he became famous and became the first master of all the players in the myth. He was so famous that his reputation was so high! No matter how much the gale can fight, it can't stop hundreds of players from playing together. Wudang flying army is just a few hundred people of NPC cavalry, we have more than ten thousand people here, hundreds of people play a, pile to pile them, if you can put the gale and his Wudang flying army out here, then even if the loss is more. We are also winners, at least when we go back, we can have a little explanation! Bomb 47's eyes are red, pointing at other people. If you want to kill the wind, you can go. Before the road is half gone, the eight allied forces have broken half. The task of supporting the Red Blood and the Peerless Gang has failed. I'm going to take my men back! Unmoved by the words of Bomb 47, he shook his head and said. Dan Xin, you bastard, now everyone is a grasshopper on the same rope. If you want to retreat at this time, don't you want to undermine everyone? Bomb 47's face was red, his blood vessels were prominent, his eyes were staring, and he shouted at the heart of iron blood. All right, don't quarrel. Although some of us were hostile before, we are really in the same boat now. What's the use of quarreling in the nest? Danxin, I know you are a retired officer. Tell us what you think. Looking at the inside of the ear canal, as if from the depths of hell,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, the devil-like monstrous fire, drew his sword and asked the sky to rub his temple, to the heart of Tiexue Dan.