Conquer the Kingdom of Heaven

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Ancient evil dust is also a pale change in face, he stared at the female knight leader's chest a few eyes, then suddenly

They did not know whether Alex knew the reason, looking at the faint dignity on the face of the governor of the court who had just come out of the emperor's room, their hearts could not help but float more doubts. Ding Xuan came to the Holy Palace with her cousin Ding Hong after receiving a summons from an emissary sent from the palace. When she came near the emperor's bedroom and saw the team of Eropasia, she hesitated a little and slowed down. Ding Xuan knew that he had no reason to explain why he came to the Holy Palace with Ding Hong. If it was Eropasia who needed treatment, it would be reasonable, but his cousin was going to treat the emperor. Ding Xuan stopped in the corridor, she looked at the people passing by in a hurry, at the same time the heart can not help but rise a burst of inexplicable loss. Mary, who had also heard the news, rushed past Ding Xuan. Although she saw the Oriental girl and wanted to stop, she immediately went into the room at the thought of her son. In the room, Ding Hong was preparing a potion. When he saw the queen and the prince's wife, he nodded slightly and asked Nena to explain to them. Looking at her son lying on the bed, Mary let out an uneasy cry. She hurried over and took Lunge's hand. When she saw that her son's face was not bad, she exhaled. "What's the matter with you, Lunge? I don't think you're in good health these days." Mary asked her son anxiously. Then she turned to Eropasia,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, who was also concerned. "Look, if it was in Andatch, young people of Lunge's age would be working in the fields, but now he's always lying in bed." "I'm all right, mother, just a little cold." Lenger smiled helplessly at Eropasia and softly comforted Mary,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, but when he saw his wife's eyes slightly looking out of the door, he looked at the door. A slender figure appeared outside the door, looking at the figure, Lunge slightly suffocated, but just as he was about to speak, Eropasia was already walking toward Ding Xuan, who was standing in the doorway. Looking at the Roman queen coming, Ding Xuan showed a smile on her face. She bowed slightly to Eropasia according to Roman etiquette. When she met the beautiful blue eyes of the queen coming in front of her, she saw calm and even a trace of appreciation. You are really a beautiful woman. Lunge likes beautiful women. "Eropasia did not care whether Ding Xuan understood or not. She just said to her. Looking at the doubts in Ding Xuan's eyes, she looked back at her husband and then said:" But I really don't want him to fall in love with you, because I don't know why, 30ml Dropper Bottle ,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, I always think you will bring him misfortune. " With that, Eropasia ignored Ding Xuan, who looked puzzled, and turned to her husband's side. But just as she took Lunge's hand, a sound of footsteps suddenly came from outside the half-open door. As the figure flashed, Alex hurried into the room. Your Majesty, news from the Holy Land. Richard and Balian are at war. Volume VI Poem of Destiny Chapter 165 Sacred Contract Volume VI Poem of Destiny Chapter 165 Sacred Contract The unexpected news from Jerusalem left many people in disbelief. Although the brutality of the Crusades was evident in the first Eastern Expedition, people did not expect that it would eventually develop into such a situation. For the Romans, in the face of the Crusaders, their hearts were full of contradictions, their belief in the salvation of the Holy Land and their hostility to the Franks were intertwined, but even so, when they heard that there was a war between Christians in the Holy Land, the Romans could not help but talk about it. When he heard the news, Lenger was a little surprised. Although he knew Richard's insolence and arrogance, he was also very clear about Balian's cunning. He thought that Balian might make a big profit by the arrival of the Crusaders, but he would not easily get himself into some kind of trouble. But now it seems that everything has become inexplicable. There was a lot of speculation about the cause of the war between Balian and the Crusaders, and even the people who brought the news only vaguely heard that it seemed to involve territorial disputes, and even Isabella. This made Lunge more concerned, and he sent people to continue to inquire about the news while summoning his ministers. The Romans seemed to have a mixture of concern and schadenfreude about what was happening in the Holy Land, so when Lunge asked, the ministers were more waiting for the emperor's inspiration, but they also knew that the emperor came from the Holy Land, and naturally they were very concerned about what was happening in Jerusalem. But Lunge clearly understood what the Romans were thinking, and he could not blame the ministers for what they did not seem to care about, but he absolutely needed to remind them that what happened in Jerusalem had something to do with Rome. Now I just want to know how the Konyans will react when they hear the news. Lunge's words made the ministers more serious. They knew that Konya was always their enemy, and that the actions of the Sultan of Konya, Anoy, were now affecting the spirit of Rome. The Roman ministers, of course, were not so short-sighted, so that after a little sarcastic exchange of criticism between the Franks in their hearts, they could not help but fall into anxiety about the Conians. Your Majesty, it would be a very bad thing if the Konians were to take the opportunity to attack Rome at this time. There was a faint gloom on Alexius's face. As the chief patriarch of Tribus, he knew better than anyone else what was going on in the provinces, some of which were still not optimistic about the overall situation in which Rome was getting better. In the less than three years since Lunge's accession to the throne, the changes that have taken place in Rome have indeed surprised many people,cosmetic packaging wholesale, but even so, people have to admit that for an almost hard-to-return empire, these changes have only made the country like a sick man gradually begin to recover.