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Ancient evil dust is also a pale change in face, he stared at the female knight leader's chest a few eyes, then suddenly

Before she could react, he grabbed the access card. He has to find an exit, but he has to do one thing first. Keen ran forward, not in a blind panic, but trying to keep calm and pay close attention to everything around him. If he ever leaves here, he can leave again. Just as the code to the bedroom door was buried in his memory, he was sure he knew the building. It's just that there are too many corridors, too many branches, too many roads for him to get out for a while, but he won't get lost forever. Instinct will guide us. He tried several times to use two access cards to get through the security gate, but it took him four times to get through the first checkpoint. There was a dark corridor in front of him, and there were many rooms on both sides of the corridor, but he had no time to care about them. At a corner, he found an elevator. He moved quickly, swiping a pass card on a door at one end of the corridor, and almost at the same time he ran back to the elevator door on the other side and pressed the button. So whoever's watching the door doesn't know which way he ran. He tried to remain calm as he listened to the elevator creak up from below. Every sound from the hall made him very alert. The elevator came up and the door gradually opened. It was the most frightening moment, but fortunately there was no one in the elevator. He went in,coltan ore processing, pressed three floors at random, closed the door, and chose four floors. After the elevator stopped a second time, he got off the elevator and looked for an emergency exit. He went up the stairs one floor, found another elevator, and repeated what he had just done. Finally,Portable gold trommel, his route became so complicated that any security guard who wanted to follow him could not follow him. The building was noisy, but it made him safer, and he went straight down to the third floor. The lobby is empty. Keen waited in a dark corner for a moment to make sure no one was coming. Listening to the elevator fade away, he tiptoed across the carpet and quietly entered the library. There were no lights on and the shutters were closed, but there was still some sunlight, which was enough. He poked through the books and looked for the Dewey decimal number. He came to a shelf of medical books, on which there were some psychological books, books explaining various psychological phenomena, and a vacant space appeared next to a thick book on how to treat dissociative mental disorders. He leaned closer. A book with a thin purple cover was pushed inside. The number on the spine was very old and faded. It was the book he was looking for. He pulled it out and found that it was different from the other books he had seen: it came in a sleeve. There was a small copper button on the cover, which he unbuttoned with his thumb and opened the purple suede cover with trembling hands. It's not a book at all. It's a box. I seem to have seen it somewhere. It used to hold an old syringe? Yeah, and he used that syringe. The cord holding the syringe had been cut, the syringe was missing, tin beneficiation plant ,Portable gold trommel, and now there was a thin notebook, a gray cell phone, which was turned off, and a.22 caliber pistol, which emitted a smokeless smell. He took the gun out first, looked at the chamber, there was a bullet in it, put it in his pocket, and then looked at the box. Opening the notebook, he saw his name on the first page. Under his name was a list of numbers and letters. On each of the following pages are some names, some diagrams, and a series of somewhat vague monochrome chains, DNA chains. The DNA of these selected individuals has been digested with restriction enzymes, cut open with an electric current, and placed between a rubber pad and a nylon membrane. Twenty spots on the DNA fragments were selected for comparison, at which the radioactive chemical probes bound to the DNA to determine whether a pair of DNA matched. That's what we've been looking for. Their DNA was similar to his own, but the names were ticked off one by one, leaving only one on the last page, a DNA chain marked "north.". Give me a hand? He picked up the phone in the box, turned it on for a second and the screen lit up, asking him to enter the password. Instinctively, he presses a key to enter a password, then searches the menu for the last number he dialed. There is only one number, and there is only one entry in the phone book. Keen hesitated for a moment, wondering if he should pull it out, but there was no chance. The lights in the library came on, and the heavy footsteps came closer and closer. Here they come. wwW。 xiaoshuotxt=comtxt? Small ? Say ? Paradise Shame and punishment Nine forty five a m It's raining. Sitting in his car, North looked across the street through the hazy windshield at his parents' brown house in Brooklyn's Grand. I got away. He doesn't know I'm here. He doesn't know? He's on duty. We have the whole night. The whole night. The voice kept ringing and refused to die. The whole world has changed, and we can't look at it in the same way anymore. People have to be smarter. Rip open her clothes, rip off her bra, take a bite of her crisp breasts, bite her nipples with my teeth, hold her hungry, tender, white skin, pinch her round ass, and let her satisfy my desire. A frantic, unquenchable desire. A desire that fills the body. The front door of the house opened. The rain drifted. A woman came out and stood on the porch. She went down the steps to the end of the street. The umbrella covered her face. It's his mother. He looked at his watch and knew where she was going. A thousand moans and screams. Polish bakery around the corner, one block away. A bitter secret. Two cheeses from Denmark,gold CIP machine, or maybe a Babka. An uncontrollable desire. North's pen is on the cover of Potter's Natural History Museum magazine. The skull on the cover glared at him in his lap. Whose face is it that makes Keen crazy? He held the phone in his other hand, and the museum finally came back. "I'm Dr. Birch." A voice suddenly came on the line. "I'm afraid the thing you're looking for has been returned to the collector." "Who is it?" "You may not believe it, but some collectors don't want to reveal their names." 。