Customized Safety And Cleaning

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Customized Safety And CleaningCustomized Safety And Cleaning

Customized Safety And Cleaning Parameter Item NameSAP Sachets For Urine Bag DescriptionSuper Absorbent Polymer SAP Sachets Toilet Porta Potty Chemicals Urine Liquid Waste Absorbent Treatment Gelling and Deodorizing Powder MaterialSA60S Sumitomo (SAP) + PVA water soluble film Film thickness38 渭m ColorWhite Clear SealingsStrong enough to prevent any SAP leakage FeaturesThe SAP sachet opens when the water touches it. The bag disolve completely once immerged in the water. The film is flexible and not rigid to prevent pouch breakage. Storage conditionsKeep product tightly closed and dry, away from humidity and light. Storage temperature above 5掳C. Expiration date3 years (from the fabrication date of the super-absorbent powder) ApplicationsEmergency Toilet, Commode Liner, Urine Bag, Vomit Bag, etc The absorbent pads is made of PVA film sheet packaging products of Super Absorbent Polymer. The inner product is non-toxic, white granule products. It can absorb hundreds of times heavier than its liquid in a short period of time, such as water, urine, plasma and so on. A certain quantity of super absorbent polymer granule packaged in water soluble film, more convenient, faster and healthier. Features Benefits Medical material, made from completely raw resin with super strength to guarantee leakproof. Odor-Free and much safer by preventing the smells and bactories from the air just close and seal with attached tape. Completely disposable and easy use, to remove liner, close bag and toss in trash. Biodegradable and landfill approved. Hygenic and Convenient, to use together with our super absorbent pads to converts up to 1500Ml of water-based liquid and body gluids into a gel within seconds. Universal fit Carsickness, Airplansickness, Drunk, Gregnant Mother, Sick Person, etc. Available for customized design both on OEM/ODM serviece. Company Profile As one of the professional manufacturers of absorbent products, with over 10 years of RD and production experience, we have been focusing on providing clients with quality products and perfect services. Our products cover used in food packaging, health care, pet care, safety cleaning and other field. Main product is food packaging pad, such as, meat pads, fruit pads, fish pads, seafood pads etc. We can design and manufacture disposable absorbent products adapted to individual needs of customers. Certificate Display In manufacturing process, we insist a quality system compliant with 9001 standards, from the raw material to finish product process passed through a rigorous quality control to ensure on food security and assure that customized products meet the requirements of our clients perfectly. Packing Shipping FAQ Q1: Are you a Manufacturer or a Trader? A: Yes, We are the professional manaufacture of absorbent food pad in China. Q2: What's your MOQ? A: It can be negociated. Q3: Is the sample charged? A: Normal sample is free. Large amount of samples or specific samples can be negotiated. Q4: How do you handle customer claims if there are? A: All Claims to be settled within 24 hours. Customer satisfaction surpass anything else. Q5: What's your payment terms? A: To be negotiated.Customized Safety And Cleaning website: