Application of hybrid coupler rf

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hybrid coupler rf


** -- You don't need to be very close to the target to measure moving or high temperature surfaces.

High Efficiency -- Quickly scan large surfaces or detect temperature differences to efficiently detect potential problems or faults.

High Returns - Performing a predictive maintenance program through thermal imaging can significantly reduce maintenance and production costs and increase labor productivity.

Advantages over traditional temperature measurement:

Detection of smaller targets is not easy to miss

The detection efficiency is high, and the whole temperature distribution of the target can be analyzed

The hybrid coupler rf can be used in harsh environments in industrial fields. Widely used in machinery manufacturing, electronic manufacturing, petrochemical, metallurgy, rail transit, electric power and other industries of equipment predictive maintenance and product development quality control, has become many enterprises, engineers and technical experts in the work of the right hand and the best tool:

· Internal distribution and maintenance (switchgear, switchboard, control device, fuses, transformers, sockets, lighting equipment, conductors, overhead bus and motor control center)

· Motors, pumps and mechanical devices (motors and generators, pumps, compressors, evaporators, bearings, couplings, retarders, gaskets/seals, belts, rollers and isolation switches)

· Processes (tanks and containers, piping, valves and condensing valves, reactors and process isolation layers)

· HVAC system (air conditioning, heating, air handling unit and refrigeration unit)

· External distribution of the power company (transformers, bushings, insulators, transmission lines, other external conductors, customer incoming connections, disconnecting switches and capacitor banks)

hybrid coupler rf