China Type 2 Lab Water System suppliers

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China Type 2 Lab Water System suppliers Application Field
Type 2 Lab Pure Water Systems is widely used in many filed. Type 2 water grade doesn鈥檛 have the same pureness of Type 1, but still maintains high levels of purity. It is a good feed water for clinical analyzers as the calcium build-up is reduced with this water type.
It can also be used in applications such as:
-- General Lab Practices
聽-- Microbiological Analysis and preparation聽
聽-- Electrochemistry
聽-- FAAS
聽-- General Spectrophotometry
It can also be used as feed water for Type I water production.
Type 2 Lab Pure Water Systems Features
聽-- It has the functions of power supply indication, power-on self-test, pump work indication, low pressure indication and system flushing indication.
聽-- Using imported ion filtration membrane and high-pressure, silent pure water pump, the operation quality is more reliable, and the water quality is wider.
聽-- With system flushing function: Before starting the machine water, the system starts to produce water after 25 seconds of automatic flushing.
聽-- With system protection function: when the water pressure is too low or there is no water, the equipment will automatically shut down, and the equipment will automatically start when the water source comes in.
聽-- High output, low energy consumption, low power consumption.
聽-- Using advanced water treatment technology, the effluent ratio of high-purity water is about 40%, and the water consumption is less.
聽-- No need for electric heating tube heating, no scaling phenomenon, no need to clean.
聽-- No heat loss, the effluent does not need to be cooled at room temperature, and can be directly used in experiments.
聽-- Simple operation, convenient maintenance and low operating cost.
聽-- With double pass RO pre-desalination system (optional for high salinity water quality).
聽-- With the upgrade function of water quality and water quantity.
聽-- With water quality online function.
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